DWNPDepartment of Wildlife and National Parks (Malaysia)
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He said the DWNP's water unit had already drilled some wells in the Chadichadi area.
As for those kept in the temporary cages of the DWNP, generally when the pangolin is bought out of its cage, it tends to curl up into a ball, and it is best to obtain the body mass measurement during this time.
Independently of this study, DWNP, as part of their macaque management program throughout Peninsular Malaysia, captured and transported macaques from 6 states (Johor, Perak, Pahang, Pulau Pinang, Selangor, and Negeri Sembilan) to DWNP holding facilities.
Unlike other sites previously inventoried in east-central Indiana, Dutro Woods Nature Preserve (DWNP) has experienced extensive human exploitation, being the site of Ernst Nursery until the early 1980s.
They lived in three (3) groups, namely; (i) group residing near the DWNP office and National Park (19 families), (ii) group residing in Ulu Pertam (7 families), (iii) group residing around Sungai Sat, Pahang (8 families).
The DWNP takes the threat seriously and is working with the Anti-Poaching Unit - with operational support from Desert & Delta Safaris - to place radio transmitters onsome of the rhinos and monitor the signals to prevent the threat of poaching.
In response, Ms Makgosa said she was informed that the issue of cluster fencing was delayed because the contractor failed to deliver but the DWNP is working on addressing the matter.
'The DWNP study observed that the elephant population has significantly increased to a total of 207 545 with 297 per cent growth between 1992 and 2012,' the statement says.
In an interview, DWNP problem animal control officer in Maun, Mr Gilbert Monnawalesole confirmed the department received concerns from farmers about wild animals on almost a daily basis.
Another villager, Mr Edgar Moyo said revoking the hunting ban would help the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) to handle problem animals better as it was currently overwhelmed by the wildlife population.