DWNPDepartment of Wildlife and National Parks (Malaysia)
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DWNP lies near the northern border of the Tipton Till Plain Section or the New Castle Till Plains and Drainageways, of the Central Till Plain Region of Indiana (Homoya et al.
The Floristic Quality Index (FQI) for DWNP was determined using the program developed by the Conservation Design Forum in conjunction with Rothrock (2004).
The vascular flora documented at DWNP is listed in Appendix 1.
The mean C of all taxa reveals the flora at DWNP consists predominately of low fidelity (low C-value) species (Appendix 1).
Thirty species documented at DWNP are reported for the first time in the county and represent new Delaware County records (Table 3, Appendix 1).
The major habitats occurring at DWNP include the roadside old-fields, the old-field along the RR tracks, the successional shrubby old-field in the northern half of the site, the woodland in the southern half of the site, a "planted" woodland, i.
0 at DWNP, when all species are included the FQI drops to 18.
The northern half of DWNP is currently in the dominant shrub stage of succession with Cornus drummondii and Fraxinus pennsylvanica seedlings, both low C-value natives, and Lonicera spp.
At DWNP exotic species compose 43% of the documented species.
Even if you believe that this survey can't be compared with the previous DWNP surveys,' he said, 'their data [from 1993-2006] show exactly the same trends.
According to the DWNP, between 1979 and 1986, CKGR's wildebeest numbers plummeted by 90 per cent, hartebeest by 70 per cent and greater kudu by 50 per cent, declines from which they've never fully recovered.