DWPDDrive Writes per Day (computing)
DWPDDiskful Writes per Day
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"Eighty per cent of all enterprise SSDs deployed in data centers require less than one DWPD," said Gregory Wong, president and principal analyst, Forward Insights.
Capable of three DWPD with capacities up to 3.84TB, PX04SVB SSDs are suited for read-intensive applications such as media streaming, data warehousing and web servers.
Read-Intensive: Targeted at read-intensive applications requiring one DWPD or less, the PX04SRB delivers features and performance suited for a range of enterprise and web- based workloads like video on demand (VOD) and data warehousing.
Better (worse) credit quality means that the transformed DWPD decreases (increases).
A backtest is a prediction of future credit risk using historical data for the explanatory variables and the actual DWPD in the base year for the prediction.
The predicted DWPD for this base-year portfolio is then compared to the DWPD for the actual sample at future dates.
Table 6 shows the difference between the percentage of wrongly predicted direction of changes in DWPD with the full model and the simple model.
N and [[??].sub.t+k] is the predicted level of DWPD
Table 1 also reports the descriptive statistics per industry for the yearly computed DWPDs and the yearly mean of the probabilities of default (MPDs).
Table 3 shows the average deviations for each of the five prediction years for the industry-specific DWPDs. As an example, the average prediction error for the Shipping industry two years ahead is 0.1 percentage point.
Table 4 reports how often the model wrongly predicts the sign of the change in DWPDs for different industries.
The intuition behind this is that there are some firms with high levels of debt and high PDs that contribute to high DWPDs for the industry.