DWPIDerwent World Patents Index
DWPIDomestic Wholesale Price Index (various locations)
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To execute the relevant searches and compile the results, a commercial patent searching firm in India familiar with the DWPI system was engaged.
But as online services arose, DWPI became a prime offering, initially for Carlos Cuadra's SDC and, after much persuasion, for Roger Summit's Dialog.
DWPI does not Granger Cause DCPI###1.83283###0.16287###do not reject
With Delphion and DWPI on Delphion from Thomson Scientific, we have the patent research tools we need to help us stay in front of in novation."
Improvements in timeliness will be reflected in DWPI First View, a companion file that provides reviews of the latest patent documents prior to their inclusion in DWPI.
The grease test was extended to 16 hours to observe any differences in grease barrier performance among DWPI, NWPI, FC, and PVOH coatings.
Thomson Innovation takes advantage of the DWPI and other databases produced by its parent company, Thomson Reuters.
Thomson Reuters will improve access to English-language versions of Asian patents by adding registered Japanese Utility Models to its Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) database.
Initial yellow index (YI) comparisons showed that heat-denatured WPI (DWPI), native WPI (NWPI), PVOH, FC, clay coating (CC), and uncoated (UN) paper did not significantly differ, as Fig.
* Both CAS' Marpat and the Merged Markush indexing available in DWPI let you input a partial structure and find references that include it in Markush structures in patents.
In other news, Thomson Scientific also announced the addition of Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) and scientific literature, including Web of Science and Inspec to Thomson Innovation, Thomson's new intellectual property research and analysis solution.
Thomson Scientific broadened its coverage of Chinese patents by adding English-translated Chinese Utility Model Registrations to its Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI).