DWUDakota Wesleyan University (Mitchell, SD, USA)
DWUDivine Word University (Madang, Papua New Guinea)
DWUDallas Water Utilities (Texas)
DWUDomestic Workers United (New York, NY)
DWUDislocated Worker Unit (various states)
DWUDairy Workers Union (New Zealand)
DWUDeaf Women United, Inc
DWUDiesel Workers Union (Columbus, IN)
DWUDongduk Women's University (South Korea)
DWUDrinking Water Unit (various nations)
DWUDynamic Workload Utility (Hewlett-Packard Development Company)
DWUDon't Wait Up
DWUDigital Wideband Unit
DWUDesert Wildlife Unlimited, Inc. (est. 1979; Brawley, CA)
DWUDealing with Users (website)
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This is despite two major petitioners, DWU and Muhuri pulling out of the matter.
JOB LOSSESThe petitioners also argue that there is an eminent danger of job losses as a result of the intended takeover as citizens will be locked out and that DWU and its members stand to be greatly prejudiced.
Favorably, wholesale water costs will decrease next year due to DWU's settlement with the Sabine River Authority.
Before my time with the DWU, I worked in Melbourne as a membership services officer (similar to NZNO's member support centre call advisers) for the National Union of Workers--a baptism by fire in all things union-related.
The DWU political strategy challenges exclusionary practices through drawing on laws, treaties and regulations that protect human rights; these have included New York City ordinances, federal labour laws and UN guidelines about the rights of migrant workers and against the criminalisation of undocumented persons.
The victim was brought to DWU Hospital in Tacloban where the facilities were better but he died while being treated by physicians.
"There is a culture in the domestic-work industry that we call the Wild West, because it's basically like anything goes," says Ai-Jen Poo, director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and a co-founder of NewYork's Domestic Workers United (DWU).
Domestic Workers United ("DWU") was formed as a collaborative project by members of CAAAV and Andolan to broaden their outreach to Caribbean and Latina domestic workers, who comprised the largest segment of domestic workers in New York City.
The "differential word use" (DWU) measure is the average of these differences across all words in the essay.
Domestic Workers United (DWU), an organization of American domestic
Papua New Guinea Department of Health and Australian-AID Publications, DWU Press.