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DXADual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (radiology)
DXADesign Exchange Awards (Canada)
DXADirect Exchange Activity
DXADual XLR (External Line Return) Adapter (BeachTek, Inc.)
DXADichromatic X-Ray Absorptiometry (radiology)
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She notes that "DXA" is the correct medical abbreviation for the test, but you also may see it referred to as a "DEXA" scan.
O objetivo do estudo de Kaul e colaboradores (2012) foi validar o metodo DXA. Para isso, foram realizadas comparacoes entre medidas da gordura abdominal visceral, a partir do DXA e TC, para verificar se o DXA seria um bom metodo para avaliacao da gordura visceral abdominal, podendo substituir a TC.
Current HIV guidelines say all women past the menopause and all men starting at age 50 should get a DXA scan to measure bone mineral density.
Low BMD is defined as Z-score less than -2.0 on DXA scan.
DXA not only benefits clients by providing standardization and competitive insights, but it takes the auditing process to an entirely new level and measures overall performance, as well as progress.
This study is important as limited literature is available on a comparison of BIA and DXA affirming effect of both obesity and physical activity in Indian population.
DXA was performed, immediately after BIA measurement in the same day, using the Hologic Discovery A instrument (Hologic Inc., Waltham, MA, USA).
The number of published cases of TBME of the knee that underwent DXA scan screening for systemic osteoporosis is limited.
Each participant was evaluated by a whole body DXA scan and a complete anthropometric assessment, both done on the same day.
QCT measurements found more COPD patients with impaired bone mineral density compared to DXA, namely, 13 (35.1%) versus 12 (32.4%) patients with osteopenia and 16 (43.2%) versus 9 (16.2%) patients with osteoporosis (p = 0.04).
Considering DXA the most reliable method (23), and seen as the gold standard (9) for estimating body fat separately by body segments, the purpose of this study was to develop a body fat estimation equation of accumulated fat in trunk region as well as to classify the percentile corresponding to it in this part of the body.