DYMOLADynamic Modeling Laboratory
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Sappin says that combining BIOVIA's molecular-level view with Dymola, a software package for modeling and simulating integrated and complex systems, in CATIA, there is the opportunity to develop new battery chemistry.
Dymola and EnergyPlus software are used to model a commercial building with 498,600 sq.ft.
(ii) Dymola, a comprehensive commercial modeling and simulation tool, with particular emphasis on efficient real-time simulation whose main applications are in the automotive domain, such as hardware-in-the-loop simulation of automatic gearboxes.
Cao and Wu [11] proposed the multidomain modeling of a certain NC milling machine including mechanical and electronic components as well as a controller, using the simulation platform Dymola and the modeling language Modelica and predicting the motion path of the principal axis.
The QSS simulation is run dynamically using the quasi steady state controller QuasiStatics, from the Modelon Vehicle Dynamics Library in Dymola. For each input state, the simulation is run for a set length of time allowing the simulation controller and vehicle model to converge on the final internal vehicle model states that meet the demanded inputs.
To provide a point of comparison, as well as an alternate fidelity representation a second seed design in which all components are represented using Dymola is also created.
The company's Dymola technology, along with content and help from Modelon GmbH in high added value service projects improved efficiency in making the technology of next generation electrified cars such as the BMW i3 and i8 or hybrid cars, it said.
Note, that the software allows user to work with models from MATLAB/Simulink and CarSim RT, Dymola and others and that it enable to import programs written in Fortran, C and C ++ languages.
Modelica and Dymola. To support modeling and simulation from a physical point of view, object-oriented physical modeling (OOPM) has been developed to offer a structured and equation-based modeling approach [20, 21].
For simulating Modelica models there are both open source (e.g., OpenModelica [26]) and commercial tools (e.g., Dymola [27]) available.
In addition, he said, NI now can integrate Dymola models from Dassault Systemes and has been working closely with LMS in France.