DYMOTDynamic of Molecules on Organic Transistors (electronics)
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CAST OF CHARACTERS (...AND THEIR CASTS) | Leading lady Angela Dymot: Broke arm after slipping on ice at work | Choreographer Laura Hallas: Ruptured tricep muscles falling off ski drag lift | Angela Driscoll: Suffering from repetitive hand strain | Anna Constantinou: Concussion and blood loss after hitting head on kitchen cupboard | Lauren Mair Harris: Suffered injury after hitting her head | Carla Gambarini: Bruised ankle in fall | Emma Larder: Strained hip while practising a movement for the show
of Trade and Industry 57 DHE Products 45,57,58 DRA 40,46,57,58 Dymot Engineering 46,57,58
Dymot Engineering has been involved in conveyor tensioning for over 15 years.