DYNADysautonomia Youth Network of America
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Based in Clearwater, FL, the DYNA division of Argus Financial Software is a leading worldwide provider of Windows-based software for real estate investment analysis.
According to Robert Entin, president and founder of IBS, creating the DYNA interface has been a most challenging and rewarding achievement.
After careful consideration, we decided that DYNA was best suited to help us accomplish the type of long-term projections we require.
IBS has always recognized that the diverse needs of any business are best satisfied by a number of software products, and DYNA is fast becoming the industry standard for sophisticated modeling," Entin said.
According to Entin, the foundation for interfacing IBS system data with third-party products like DYNA was set in place when the firm introduced its Windows Data Base in 1998.
IBS carefully studied DYNA's interface specifications and learned DYNACode, a language which allows information to be translated to virtually every data field in DYNA.
While this level of integration presented dramatic challenges, the consultants at DYNA were extremely helpful," Entin said.
Of the projects like this I have seen, the IBS interface falls into the top tier," noted Jeff Wells, executive vice president of Argus Financial Software, which owns DYNA.
IBS has also completed the DYNA interface with enhancements and modifications for another long-time client, Acadia Realty Trust of Port Washington, NY.