DYOSDefine Your Own Software (Netherlands)
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The main aim is to ensure a larger number of Emirati children take up this sport professionally as we prepare to put together a UAE national squad in the near future," DYOS Founder Ksenia Dzhalaganiya said.
Celebrations for, from left, Emma Mitchell, Laura Penhaul, Natalia Cohen and Meg Dyos as they land in Australia
<BBritish rowers, from left, Emma Mitchell, Laura Penhaul, Natalia Cohen and Meg Dyos, celebrate in Cairns, Australia, after rowing more than 15,700-km (9,755-mile) across the Pacific Ocean
These developments made for better living conditions, but they also, as Dyos notes, left most of the area 'denuded of all its leafy features save some bits of sickly grass and bottle-green poplars' (33).
DYOS Christine Winifred Of the Isle of Wight, passed away on June 21, 2012, cousin and great friend of Robert and Cynthia Lonsdale.
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DICIONARIO-1976 DIOS Diccionario Quechua -- Ayacucho-Chanca Diccionario Quechua Dyus o Yus; Yaya Cuzco-- Collao Diccionario Quechua Dyos, kamakoq Ancash-Huaylas Diccionario Quechua -- Junin-Huanca Diccionario Quechua Dyus de San Martin Diccionario Quechua Amitu, tayta, sinur, yaya Cajamarca-Canaris As equivalencias para o quechua sao formadas a partir dos emprestimos do lexico espanhol Dios, que ocorre na maioria das variantes quechua.
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This is how Joan Shakespeare, the poet's elder sister was baptized on 15 September, 1558, by Roger Dyos, a priest who followed traditional faith and practice, as ordered by Queen Mary, then reigning (Schoenbaum, Documentary 20).
In the nineties, the nation's fastest growing areas "were almost all suburban in character" (Dyos, Victorian 20).
Pour une bonne discussion sur la maniere dont se sont poses les problemes de definition de l'histoire urbaine dans les annees 1970, qui demeure encore eclairante aujourd'hui : David Cannadine, << Urban History in the United Kingdom : The 'Dyos Phenomenon' and After >>, in D.