DYRDo Your Research
DYRDynamic Range (measurement)
DYRDutch Youth Regatta (Netherlands)
DYRDeveloping the Young Reader (science fiction)
DYRAnadyr (Russia)
DYRDo You Remember (song)
DYRDig Your Roots (Canadian music artists)
DYRDentsu Young & Rubicam (advertising agency)
DYRDeaf Youth Rainbow
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Amenages dans les communes de Boulhaf Dyr, El-Hammamet et Tebessa (deux poles), ils revelent le developpement d'une cite.
Dave Skirrow (43) gave dyr a solid start and it was ried on by JonathanWilson ), Chris Butlin (51) and Mo f (20) as they finished on 5-9, with Andrew Bartlett ing 4-56 for the Fugitives d Mike Heaton chipping in h 2-47.
He divides his collection into seven sections: "Ljodhlinudans I-VII" (Verse Line Dance I-VII), "Utlendingur" (Foreigner), "Midhborgarblus I-VII" (Midtown Light I-VII), "Gluggar og Dyr" (Windows and Doors), "Krossvidhur" (Crossway), "Stigar og Stjornur" (Paths and Stars), and "Nyarsljodh I-VII" (New Year's Verses I-VII).
Au cours de sa tournee, M.Harraoubia s'est enquis de l'etude preliminaire du projet de realisation du nouveau pole universitaire, prevu dans la localite de Boulhaf Dyr, a une dizaine de kilometres a l'est de Tebessa.
dyr reached 149 for t with Peter Sullivan ng 38 as did Tom row, which was the tical score made by his team father on the adnt pitch, and they were out at virtually the e time.
Y gorchymyn a gefais oedd i fynd allan ar y llyn mewn cwch efo rhywun, a chynnal y cyfweliad gyda swn y dyr yn gefndir i'r sgwrs.
"Yn ol Henry Brooke, y Gweinidog Materion Cymreig ar y pryd, boddi Capel Celyn oedd y dull amlycaf a rhataf o sicrhau cyflenwad dyr i Lerpwl,"