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DYRKDual Specificity YAK1-Related Kinase (genetics)
DYRKDual Specificity Tyrosine Phosphorylation Regulated Kinase
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Shen et al., "Potent and selective small molecule inhibitors of specific isoforms of Cdc2-like kinases (Clk) and dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinases (Dyrk)," Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, vol.
Dyrk Dahl of Coldwell Banker Residential Realty was the listing agent; Frank Harris of Lakewood Ranch Realty was the selling agent.
In addition to the two men, the motley crew consists of Karait (Dyrk Ashton), a tracker whose bloodhound is a python; and con man Chuchundra (David Paul Francis), whose pilfering monkey has attached himself tot he fleeing boy.
"I go to all the outdoors shows and network with guys," Dyrk said.
Mnb belongs to a family of dual-specificity protein kinases (DYRK kinases).
Not only did I draw, but I so did my friend Dyrk Eddie from Montana.
Following that sheep hunt, I spent a week in 2003 with Bob and our mutual friends Dyrk Eddie and Tom Hoffman on a bear hunt on Prince of Wales (POW) Island, Maska.
Last October, well-known Montana bowhunter Dyrk Eddie, an experienced sheep hunter, and I, a first-timer, traveled to Loreto to hunt the elusive desert sheep of Carmen Island.
I appreciate the help of Randy Liljenquist, Ryan Liljenquist, Mike Rice, and Dyrk Eddie throughout my hunt.
Returning from stand building, we found that Montana bowhunter Dyrk Eddie had just arrived.
But seconds later I heard the muted thump of Dyrk's bow.
Dyrk Eddie, in his mid-40s, was the ringleader for our gathering.