DYRSDepartment of Youth Rehabilitation Services (Washington, DC)
DYRSDivision of Youth Rehabilitative Services (Delaware)
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(277) Yet as DYRS sharply reduced the duration of secure confinement for lower-level offenders, some judges balked; they brought their views in private to city councilmembers, who interrogated Schiraldi about the new policy at a public hearing.
For the sake of argument, I assume that the judges' dim view of the DYRS community-based alternatives is accurate.
(301) So did coverage of sensational crimes involving youths who had been at one time or another in DYRS custody.
At the beginning of 2010, Schiraldi left DYRS to accept a job as director of prisons and probation in New York City.
First, a tragic and brazen shooting, which killed three teenagers and injured six others, was initially linked to a teenager in DYRS custody who had run away from a community-based group home.
(367) But Peter Nickles, the District's attorney general and a longtime Fenty confidant, soured on DYRS management and its perceived laxity toward youths, according to a memo he wrote that was highly critical of the agency.
(369) Two of DYRS's top managers immediately resigned.
(373) Columnist King quickly praised Schindler's dismissal in a Post op-ed, concluding: "I've written more than 30 columns critical of DYRS since 2007.
The new mayor, Vincent Gray, chose not to retain Hildum; instead he nominated Neil Stanley, the DYRS general counsel, to run the agency.
Today it is the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS).
"This is a challenge that is truly detrimental because the majority of our youth are growing up without strong males in their lives who are able to step up to the plate and serve as positive influences." Despite this and other challenges, her program has raised the number of staff members, youths, parents and community members who come together to volunteer their time and participate in community service projects to help DYRS fulfill its mission.
"Over the past two years, Nkenge Watkins has helped to transform the culture of our facilities, helping to push forward our reform efforts," DYRS Director Vincent Schiraldi said.