DYRSDepartment of Youth Rehabilitation Services (Washington, DC)
DYRSDivision of Youth Rehabilitative Services (Delaware)
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For the sake of argument, I assume that the judges' dim view of the DYRS community-based alternatives is accurate.
301) So did coverage of sensational crimes involving youths who had been at one time or another in DYRS custody.
At the beginning of 2010, Schiraldi left DYRS to accept a job as director of prisons and probation in New York City.
First, a tragic and brazen shooting, which killed three teenagers and injured six others, was initially linked to a teenager in DYRS custody who had run away from a community-based group home.
367) But Peter Nickles, the District's attorney general and a longtime Fenty confidant, soured on DYRS management and its perceived laxity toward youths, according to a memo he wrote that was highly critical of the agency.
373) Columnist King quickly praised Schindler's dismissal in a Post op-ed, concluding: "I've written more than 30 columns critical of DYRS since 2007.
The new mayor, Vincent Gray, chose not to retain Hildum; instead he nominated Neil Stanley, the DYRS general counsel, to run the agency.
31, 2010, at C5 (quoting plaintiffs' counsel's 2008 assessment that DYRS "has made more progress toward achieving the goals of the Consent Decree in the past three years than we had seen in the previous 20 years of this lawsuit").
15, 2007, at A21 (disbelieving "the rosy scenario painted by DYRS director Vincent Schiraldi and his devotees" in light of separate anecdotes about a "riotous situation" inside a secure facility and a youth who ran away from a community-based group home, then was seen later at a city council hearing); Robert E.
For a comprehensive list of technical assistance and capacity-building services that philanthropies provided to DYRS, see LIZ RYAN & MARC SCHINDLER, NOTORIOUS TO NOTABLE: THE CRUCIAL ROLE OF THE PHILANTHROPIC COMMUNITY IN TRANSFORMING THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM IN WASHINGTON, D.
For a report on DYRS staff attitudes to specific reforms, as expressed in focus groups and interviews, see id.
supra note 47, at 27 (noting agency management's periodic efforts to engage DYRS staff).