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DZFDouble Zinc Finger
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Japan), Nicolet IS10 infrared spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Technologies, Inc.), FA2004 electronic balance (Shanghai the Shunyu Hengping Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.), JFA-II coating machine (Shanghai Environmental Engineering TechnologyCo., Ltd.), DZF vacuum oven (Shanghai Jinghong Testing Equipment Co., Ltd.), and KQ3200B ultrasonic cleaning (Kunshan Ultrasonic Instrument Co., Ltd.).
A second defining feature of the Ikaros/Hb zinc finger proteins is that they share a homotypic dimerization zinc finger (DZF) domain located within the CF1-2 finger region (McCarty et al., 2003).
Guy was also asked to write a suite for last year's London Jazz Festival, so he came up with dZf, more commonly known as Die Zauberflote, aka The Magic Flute.