DZJDolnoslaski Zwiazek Jezdziecki (Polish: Dolnoslaskie Equestrian Federation; Dolnoslaskie, Poland)
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(12) Some examples are zhong [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (OC *klyun > MC tjung), "middle" and zhong [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (OC *klyunh > MC tjung\), "to hit the middle"; di [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (OC *diy: > MC diei/), "younger brother," and di [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (OC *diyh > MC diei\), "to act like a younger brother"; shi [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (OC *zly??k > MC dzj??k), "food," and si [UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] (OC *zly??kh > MC zi\), "feed" ([UNKNOWN TEXT OMITTED] can have this pronunciation and meaning as well).