DZSDetroit Zoological Society (Royal Oak, MI)
DZSDeutsche Zocker Schinken (German gaming clan)
DZSDansk Zoologisk Selskab (Danish: Danish Zoological Society; forum)
DZSDe Zilveren Schapen (Dutch: The Silver Sheep; soccer team; Netherlands)
DZSDorothy Zbornak Stare (Golden Girls; TV show)
DZSDigital Zone System
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The DZs submodel presents the volume that each DZ processes with the respective LCs and TWs.
Orozen Adamic (1995), "Naravnogeografske regije Slovenije," Krajevni leksikon Slovenije, DZS, Ljubljana, 24-25.
DZS works with a range of biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations worldwide who are trying to improve clinical data and trial management using best-of-breed clinical technologies.
The DZ alone is estimated to hold at least 3 bn barrels of untapped heavy oil.
Without the use of materials-handling equipment (MHE), you and your dismounted patrol quickly and easily recover the cargo bundles from the small drop zone (DZ) and move out to your designated assembly area in a matter of minutes, without leaving a single trace of your existence at the DZ.
German manipulation of Eureka-Rebecca could theoretically simulate special operations DZs to establish a trap for the capture of Allied personnel, and to help provide a foundation for the subsequent radio games whose devastating impact ended so many clandestine operations.
The field party succeeded in establishing several safe Catalina landing points and DZs in the operational area.
Co-twin correlations for MZs and DZs were, respectively, .
DZs can be established in areas blessed with the most promising infrastructure: transportation and communication facilities, energy, and input supplies.
The main tasks in this classic SOE type 18-clause brief were the organisation and training of the guerrillas, selection of DZs, construction of landing strips, sending intelligence reports on Japanese dispositions, details of roads, railways and bridges, location of POW camps, helping evaders and the last, but an important one -- 'At all times to remain clandestine and on no account to take action against the Japanese'.
DZS Slovenia, Snezana Tripunovi, Head, 386 1 306 97 00, trgovina@dzs.