DaFUDansk Floorball Union (Denmark)
DAFUDirection de l'Aménagement Foncier et de l'Urbanisme (French: Directorate of Urban Land and Urban Development)
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As a concession for the approval, Dafu immediately announced cut on the subscription rates of four cable-TV networks of Kbro at the maximum scale of 8%, from Jan.
Dafu will take over 80% stake in Kbro at NT$60 billion, equivalent to NT$66,000 per subscriber, while Carlyle Group, a private equity fund originally with a controlling stake in Kbro, will retain 20% stake.
Toward the end of the epitaph, the names of her four sons are listed, with the eldest noted as Zhixuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], who was a chaosan dafu and Palace Censor of the Left Censorate (zuotai dian[zhong?
In this preface Jia Zeng is identified as a grand master for proper consultation (zhengyi dafu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), military commander (zhujunshi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) with special power (chijie [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and the governor of Jinzhou [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (in present-day Linfen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Shanxi).
Turning to the construction of the literati self in Chinese fiction, Yi-tsi Feuerwerker makes a case for this sews having become decreasingly "shaped by its own writing activities" and increasingly buffeted by its cultural environment in key narratives by Lu Xun, Yu Dafu, and Wang Meng.
Emperor Ming added the words dafu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (great faith) to the beginning of the temple's name, to signify his devotion to the Buddhist doctrine.
Daoxuan also recorded a flower garden of about three qing to the south of the Dafu lingjiu si (Temple of the Great Faith of the Numinous Vulture), with flowers in constant bloom.
See Quan Deyu's essays collected in Quan Tangwen: "You jianyi dafu Wei jun ji xu," 490.
The Qing, the upper and lower Dafu, and the upper, middle and lower Shi of the lords formed five degrees.
Compared with the Shi the Dafu is above; compared with the Qing, he is below.
The fact that the lowest status group, the shu-Ren, is designated by a compound word which, on the one hand, contains the core word Ren, and, on the other hand, the attribute shu [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (the latter normally understood as "numerous, many" or "common"), has led me--and others--to argue as follows: if the lowest status group is designated with the term "common Ren," the higher status groups, namely the Qing, the Dafu, and the Shi, should then also belong to the social group of the Ren.
This chuanqi drama is attributed to the Ming playwright Zhang Dafu [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (n.