DAFUDirection de l'Aménagement Foncier et de l'Urbanisme (French: Directorate of Urban Land and Urban Development)
DAFUDansk Floorball Union (Denmark)
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Yu Dafu, Ba Jin [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Ding Ling [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Mao Dun [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Lu Xun all write characters who desire modernity.
Computational Procedure recorded in Table 7 describes the calculation process of the running times of the two strategies under different number of images after preprocessing, where DaFu means the running time of the step of data fusion, FE means the running time of the step of feature extraction, Cl means the running time of the step of classification, and DeFu represents the running time of the step of decision fusion.
Wang's successive efforts send the pair visiting institutions all over Qidong, none equipped to take on an autistic adult except a "Shock Corridor"-like insane asylum which understandably terrifies Dafu. (Scribe-helmer Xue, a longtime supporter of an NGO that aids autistic children, here guardedly tweaks China's limited health-care options.)
The plant, on the Yangtze River in the eastern province of Jiangsu, will keep its crude runs at full capacity of 270,000 bpd this year, the same as in 2010, said Zhang Dafu, who was the chairman of Jinling until the end of last year.
17) acquisition of Kbro Co., Ltd., Taiwan's leading cable-TV operator, by Dafu Media (literal translation) under the auspices of Fubon Group, enabling the group to make a major stride into the emerging digital-convergence market.
In 913, Du became Grand Counselor of the Golden Seal and Purple Ribbon (jinzi guanglu dafu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), Imperial Remonstrator of the Left (zuo jianyi dafu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and Duke of Cai (Cai guogong [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) with the sobriquet Gentleman of Great Accomplishment (Guangcheng xiansheng [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Patent 7,282,538 (October 16, 2007), "Preparation Method of Functional Masterbatch of Polyolefin and Its Application," Anna Zheng, Yong Guan, Dafu Wei, and Hong Lu (Shanghai Sujie Science-Technology Co., Ltd.
Cao also draws attention to the contrast between Dafu Yu and Manshu Su, arguing that Yu is less romantic in real life than in his romantic works and Su more romantic in life than in his literary creation.
But, out of a miraculous stroke of good luck along the way, I met a tourist from Kansas in the tiny town of Leshan, famous for Dafu, the great carved Buddha.
The directive called for using Falun Dafu (Falun Gong) as a negative example.
In the 1920s, in some stories like Yu Dafu's "Sinking," the Chinese male is portrayed as impotent, mirroring China's political powerlessness against foreign powers.
(31.) Ni Yue, "Da Ming gu Ronglu dafu houjun dudufu du du tongzhi Chen Gong muzhiming," Qingxi man' gao, juan 22, in Wenynange siku quanshu (1773-83; rpt.