DACADeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (US DHS)
DACADefense Academy for Credibility Assessment (truth detection; Ft. Jackson, SC)
DACADumaguete Academy for Culinary Arts (Philippines)
DACADigital Age Communications Act (US legislation)
DACADrug Administration and Control Authority
DACADe Anza Cupertino Aquatics
DACADays After Contract Award
DACADassault Aéroclub Aquitaine (French flying club)
DACADebt And Credit Advisors, Inc
DACADeposit Account Control Agreement (finance)
DACADroit des Affaires Spécialité Contentieux des Affaires (French: Business Law Specializing in Litigation; course; University of Paris X Nanterre)
DACAData Acquisition and Control architecture
DACADesign Alliance to Combat AIDS
DACADepartment Advisory Committees on Appointments (University of Waterloo, Canada)
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On March 7, 2018, Durbin spoke with Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, who personally assured him that Dreamers with pending DACA renewal applications will not be deported, even if their DACA status has expired.
In the 14th District, which is largely rural, the impact of DACA and Dreamers is likely less than many other districts but as always, the voice of the people is what is important.
Undocumented immigrants and their advocates railed against the proposal, with DACA recipients promising to hold accountable Republicans and Democrats that allowed protections to expire in November's midterm elections.
Two separate federal court orders have ruled the administration must continue accepting renewals for the two-year DACA permits.
President Trump announced he would let the DACA program expire this March and then start deporting the 700,000 young people who, although illegally brought in by their since-deported parents, have never known any other country and are now at work in various US enterprises.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Senator California, said, "Today's Supreme Court action shows that rescinding DACA was not only legally questionable but also unjust and cruel.
The DACA program comprises young people between the ages of 16 and 35 who were brought to this country without documentation by their parents when they were minors.
Schumer said if an agreement on DACA was not reached by Feb.
The present threat to those with DACA is real," wrote Nicole Prchal Svajlenka, Tom Jawetz and Angie Bautista-Chavez.
by his parents at the age of 7 and is a so-called "dreamer," named after the DREAM Act that instituted the DACA program.
Trump has threatened to end DACA, but he seemed to keep the door open for a deal when he told reporters before dinner on Sunday night: "We're ready, willing and able to make a deal on DACA, but I don't think the Democrats want to make a deal.
Saying the decision to kill it was improper, Judge William Alsup of US District Court in San Francisco wrote that the administration must "maintain the DACA programmeme on a nationwide basis" as the legal challenge to the president's decision goes forward.