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DAHDachau (German license plate)
DAHDestroy All Humans! (game)
DAHDiffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage
DAHDepartment of Archives and History
DAHDar Al Hekma College (Saudia Arabia)
DAHDesignated Airspace Handbook (Canada)
DAHDays After Harvest
DAHAir Algerie, Algeria (ICAO code)
DAHDictionary of American History
DAHDisordered Action of the Heart
DAHDictionary of American Hymnology
DAHDivision of Administrative Hearings
DAHDilute Acid Hydrolysis
DAHDefense Agency Head
DAHDissanayake-Allnutt-Haidara Model
DAHDirect Acting Hydraulic (tappet)
DAHDivision Aménagement et Habitat (French: Planning and Habitat Division)
DAHDrôme Aménagement Habitat (French: Drome Habitat Development; Drome, France)
DAHDays after Hatching (biology)
DAHDélégation à l'Action Humanitaire (French: Delegation for Humanitarian Action)
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Military officials mandated that both friends and foes witness the stark truth of what happened at Ohrdurf, Dachau, and Buchenwald.
But once we arrived in Dachau, the mood immediately became somber.
After leaving Dachau, Miller and fellow photographer David E Scherman found themselves billeted in the Fuhrer's apartment in Munich.
In fact, this Dachau is the 'home' of SS Bestiality - Himmler's 'laboratory' and hangout.
What the crew witnessed at Dachau, 12 miles north of Munich, shocked, revolted, and depressed many of the cameramen.
Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS, set up the institute at Dachau in 1942.
Merkel toured the site with 93-year-old Dachau survivor Max Mannheimer.
More than 200,000 Jews, gays, Roma, political opponents, the disabled and prisoners of war were imprisoned in Dachau during the war.
Following the institutionalisation of racial discrimination, concentration camps were constructed all over Germany; Dachau was the model.
Peter submitted his memories of his visit to the Dachau concentration camp memorial site after reading a Your Life feature on a visit by a group of Coventry students to the Auschwitz death camp, operated by the Nazis in German-occupied Poland during the Second World War, and now a museum to the memory of those who died at the hands of the Nazis.
Popular times to visit Dachau are during the Munich Oktoberfest, which begins in mid-September continuing through early October, and during Advent for the Christmas Market.
But the town with the darkest associations is arguably Dachau, location= of the Nazi's first concentration camp.