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DACIDivision des Affaires Communautaires et Internationales (French: Division of Community and International Affairs)
DACIDirect Adjacent Channel Interference
DACIDance and Children International
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21) Vlad Mixich, Cat de anti-capitalisti, daci, traci sau dreptaci sunt protestatarii Rosia Montana, 16 September 2013, http://www.
Os criterios para realizar este Documento de adaptacoes curriculares individuais, DACI, vamos sintetiza-los nos seguintes pontos:
Daci said later that 17 opposition fighters had been killed by Somali government forces, but the claim could not be independently verified.
The AAK is now in opposition, as is the Democratic League of Dardania, headed by former LDK member Nexhat Daci, and a new party, the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR), headed by Kosovo businessman Behgjet Pacolli, which came in third in the election.
Ne da informatii despre daci si sciti, la care s-a raspandit crestinismul, in lucrarea "Contra Iudeos" (Contra iudeilor) cap.
Aganaspis daci (originally described as Trybliographa daci Weld), was first collected in Malaysia and Borneo, and introduced into Hawaii as a potential biocontrol agent for Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel) (Clausen et al.
Besides Kosumi, parliament speaker Nexhat Daci was also expected to resign and be replaced by another prominent member of the strongest party, the Democratic League of Kosovo.
The DACI Committee works to support, inform and educate staff about issues relating to race, diversity, awareness and community outreach.
Each student also paid $350 for expenses, including daCi membership.
Armeni, Greci, Apuli Angli, Galli Daci, Frisi Cuncte gentes, lingue, tribus Illuc pergunt muneribus
The duties and monopolies required the observation of terms and conditions that were set out in the capitoli dei daci (clauses concerning duties) for each province, found among the general correspondence of the Provveditore Generale.
Prime Minister Zoran Zivkovic and Deputy PM Nebojsa Covic attended on the Serbian side, joined by Kosovo President Ibrahim Rugova and Assembly Speaker Nexhat Daci.