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DAGHDistributed Adaptive Grid Hierarchy (computer architecture)
DAGHDirected Acyclic Grid Hierarchy
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Evidently, the ancient refugium for the European snow vole in the Kopet Dagh and the Binaloud Mts.
The TTS-150 rig contracted from International Oil Tools (IOT) has commenced drilling/re-completion activities at the Demir Dagh field.
2014) who report that Aitamir formation was deposited in a shallow open-marine environment that is bordered by local erosion and is considered as the main hiatus occurred in the Cretaceous sedimentary history of Kopet Dagh basin.
More than 4,000 people were evacuated from Musa Dagh by French and British ships.
By the 1930s people aware of the Armenian Genocide like Raphael Lemkin, the lawyer who coined the word genocide a decade later, and Franz Werfel, the author of The Forty Days of Musa Dagh (1933), a bestselling novel about an Armenian uprising against the Turks, discerned analogies between the past ordeal of the Armenians and the present one confronting German Jewry and eventually Jews in countries allied with or conquered by the Third Reich.
L'accord, qui porte sur l'exploration du champ de Qara Dagh, dans le sud de la region kurde, est le troisieme conclu par Chevron avec des responsables du Kurdistan.
Chevron wins stake DAVOS: Kurdistan has awarded Chevron a stake in the Qara Dagh oilfield, the region's energy minister said, building on the company's exploration play in the autonomous region.
During the meeting, Pryor was informed that Chevron's bid for the Qara Dagh exploration area was successful, and that a contract would soon be finalized.
Iraqi Kurdistan has awarded Chevron Corp a stake in the Qara Dagh oil block, the region's energy minister said on Thursday, building on the company's exploration play in the autonomous northern region.
None of my books, not even The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, is so full of meaning as The Song of Bernadette,' he wrote in the spring of 1942,'" adding, "'I am finally convinced that I have written a book appropriate to these times, although its action concludes in the year 1933'" (qtd.
Mohaddes told the oil ministry's website, Shana, that two dimension seismic operations in Kapeh Dagh region in Northeastern Iran was nearing completion, adding that seismic operations were decided to continue for achieving a more comprehensive result.
Anau, not far to the east of Ashgabat in the foothills of the Kopet Dagh, has been researched for over 100 years, beginning with the excavations by R.