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DHDDial Home Device (Stargate)
DHDDireitos Humanos e Desenvolvimento (Human Rights and Development, Mozambique)
DHDDahod (Railway Station, Indian)
DHDDespatch Half Demurrage
DHDDarren Handley Designs (surfboards)
DHDDoyne Honeycomb Degeneration of Retina
DHDDaytona Harley-Davidson (Ormond Beach, Florida)
DHDDouble Hip Disarticulation
DHDDeck Hatch Dogged
DHDDefense Housing Director
DHDDroits Humains et Démocratie (French: Human Rights and Democracy; Madagascar)
DHDDeep Hole Drilling
DHDDigital High Definition
DHDDeadline Hollywood Daily (online gossip column)
DHDDown Hole Drill (petroleum industry)
DHDDeubner Hoffmann Digital GmbH (German digital audio technology)
DHDDécoupe Haute Définition Diamant (French: Diamond Cut High Definition)
DHDDéveloppement Humain Durable (French: Sustainable Human Development)
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Right from the senior Dahod district officials to the class four level staff have adopted as many as 2,800 children identified as "severely malnourished" With the resolve to bring them back to normal life by Dussehra (or September- October) this year.
As Starent Networks continues to grow as a provider of multimedia core infrastructure solutions for mobile operators, it is essential that we attract, as well as continue to retain, experienced and industry-knowledgeable management," said Ashraf Dahod, president and CEO of Starent Networks.
It's imperative that companies confirm, as part of their current pedigree project planning, that they have fully compliant and standardized digital certificates," added Dahod.
SupplyScape led the industry towards an open, interoperable standard for e-pedigrees, and this deployment is the first step which will be built upon year after year," said Dahod.
Deals on Demand allows site publishers to not only offer a valuable new service, but to earn substantial revenue" says Dahod.
com is the starting point for buyer and sellers to engage in a two-way, person-to-person selling process, allowing them to connect, to converse, and to initiate a business relationship," said Dahod.
On Tuesday, May 11, 1999, Dahod will be participating in a panel discussion for InternetWeek News Radio, moderated by InternetWeek Editor Saroja Girishankar, on "The State of Terabit Switching and Routing.
Ashraf Dahod, NetCore president, founder and CEO, and previously founder of two other successful network start-ups, Applitek (later LANcity and now part of Nortel) and Sigma Network Systems (later the SMC enterprise division and now part of Cabletron).
18, 1998--NetCore Systems' CEO Ashraf Dahod shared his vision of "Universal IP Internetworking" today at the Integrated Broadband Networks '98 conference.
The new company's sole mission is to enable corporations to rapidly build and deploy high-performance applications with Java, Dahod said.