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DAICDominica Association of Industry and Commerce
DAICDirectly Attributable Incremental Cost
DAICDecorative Artists in Canada
DAICDual-Antenna Interference Cancellation
DAICDevelopmental Assessment & Intervention Center (Bedford Hills, NY)
DAICDomestic Animal Information Centre (Denmark)
DAICDirection de l'Accueil, de l'Intégration et de la Citoyenneté (French: Directorate of Reception, Integration and Citizenship)
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The comparative analysis between the linear regression model and non-linear regression one (in our study being a parabola type) regarding the relation of determination of pulmonary pressure in hyperthyroidism shows that the polynomial model is better than the linear one in all situations because a) the coefficients of determination R2 are higher; b) residual sum of squares for polynomial regression are smaller than the residual sum of squares for linear regression highlighting the fact that the difference between the measured values and the values obtained through the polynomial model (values on the curve) are lower; c) DAIC has negative values and the more complicated model (parabola type one) is considered to be better.
They are given no guidelines by DAIC as to what would be a reasonable number to issue.
And when European organisations like the DAIC claim that democracy is "an important strategic means to achieve peace", one typical reaction in Africa will be: Don't you consider the USA to be a democratic country?
All models with a DAIC score of G2 are reported and are ranked from best fitting ([DELTA]AIC = 0) to less likely plus the global model.
2) branching to O1a (M119) found among Austronesians, southern Han Chinese, and Daic peoples.
project documentation will be processed on a stretch of road ii / 322 (about 350 meters from the intersection with the iii / 32255 and iii / 32254 daic after the connection to the intersection with the iii / 3051 in the village komarov) at the station from 35.