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DEPMDaily Egg Production Method (biology)
DEPMDepartment of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
DEPMDietary Exposure Potential Model (US EPA)
DEPMDisability Employment Program Manager (USDA)
DEPMData Evaluation Program Manager (US FAA)
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Use of the daily egg production method for estimating biomass of clupeoid fishes: a review and evaluation.
The daily egg production method: recent advances, current applications and future challenges.
Quantification of population egg production per day is also essential for estimating population size (spawning stock biomass [SSB]) when using the daily egg production method (DEPM; Parker, 1980; Lasker, 1985).
The z value was the estimate from the daily egg production method (DEPM) surveys off California in 2003 (0.48 [CV=0.08]) and 2004 (0.25 [CV=0.04]) (Lo et al., 2005) because of the lack of sufficient data to estimate z off the PNW.
Because the spawning season occurs in early summer, we used the two sets of July survey data to estimate the following adult reproductive parameters, which were used in the spawning biomass computation based on the daily egg production method (Lasker, 1985; Parker, 1985; Lo et al., 2005): the daily spawning fraction (S) or the fraction of mature females spawning per day; the average batch fecundity (number of eggs per spawning per mature female: F); the fraction of mature fish that were female by weight (sex ratio: R); and the average weight of mature females (g) ([W.sub.f]).
Abstract--Inaccuracy in the aging of postovulatory follicles (POFs) and in estimating the effect of temperature on the resorption rate of POFs may introduce bias in the determination of the daily spawning age classes with the daily egg production method (DEPM).
The daily egg production method (DEPM): recent advances, current applications, and future challenges.
Abstract--Fishery-independent estimates of spawning biomass ([B.sub.SP]) of the Pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) on the south and lower west coasts of Western Australia (WA) were obtained periodically between 1991 and 1999 by using the daily egg production method (DEPM).
Table 1 Estimates of spawning biomass (metric tons) of Sardinops sagax obtained by using the daily egg production method ([B.sub.SP-DEPM]) for each of four regions in southwestern Australia.
The objective of our study was to evaluate the use of the CUFES in the daily egg production method (DEPM) of estimating the spawning biomass of pelagic fishes (Lasker et al., 1985; Parker, 1985).
Empirical analyses of the precision of regression estimates of daily egg production and egg mortality of pelagic fish for daily egg production method. OZEANOGRAFIKA, Boletin De La Sociedad De Oceanografica De Gipuzkoa, Medalla De Oro De La Ciudad De San Sebastian 2:71-89.