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While live weights and daily weight gains of the calves in treatment and control groups increased normally between weaning and 3-months of age, the greatest daily weight gain was observed between 3-6 months of age (Table II).
The daily weight gain (growth rate) of male and female calves was 397 and 369 g/d in SIMS and 539 and 436 g/d, respectively in EMS during the study period that is also higher (P0.
Daily intake (DI), daily weight gain (DWG), feed: gain ratio (FGR) and backfat thickness were evaluated at the end of the growing and finishing phase.
Measures of the daily weight gain in Friesian-Bunaji crossbred heifers and their milk yield.
Animal performance was evaluated through the following variables: feed intake, feed conversion, weight out of the nursery, slaughter weight, weight gain, and daily weight gain in growing-finishing periods (112 days).
On the other hand, a minimum daily weight gain with increased number of oocysts in chickens was observed in control group (PBS) during therapeutic evaluation.
To better appreciate the differences between the weights of control and treated throughout the experiment, we calculated the ADG corresponds to the daily weight gain.
There were no differences between the average daily weight gain of the piglets socialized prior to weaning (0.
Mixed model effects of the metaphylactic treatment with oxytetracycline on average daily weight gain in feedlot calves (n=90) LSMd ADG CTL (a) OTC20 (b) OTC40 (c) SE (e) p ADGt (f) 939.