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DEGermany (Deutschland; Internet top level domain)
DEDelaware (US postal abbreviation)
DEDesktop Environment
DEDeutsch (German)
DEDeutschland (German: Germany)
DEDead End
DEData Engineering
DEDark Energy
DEDriver Education
DEDesert Eagle
DEData Entry
DEDiesel Engine
DEDirector of Education
DEDigital Electronics
DEDerby (postcode, UK)
DEDevelopment Engineer
DEDesign Engineer
DEData Element
DEDouble Ended (metal halide lamps)
DEDeus Ex (game)
DEDefensive End (football)
DEDistance Education (course; various schools)
DEDestroyer Escort
DEDifferential Equation(s)
DEDepartment of Education (US)
DEDigital Environment
DEDiscrete Event (program specification)
DEDirected Energy
DEDouble Edge (shaving)
DEDale Earnhardt
DEDark Elf
DEDiesel Exhaust
DEThis is / From (Amateur Radio logging abbreviation)
DEDrive End
DEDetection Efficiency
DEDigital Engineering
DEDensity Evolution
DEDistinguished Engineer (various organizations)
DEDiplôme d'Etat (French: state diploma)
DEDail Eireann (Irish National Parliament)
DEDonor Egg (infertility; refers to IVF)
DEDiatomaceous Earth (filter)
DEDistrict Engineer
DEDose Equivalent
DEDonee (IRB)
DEDistrict Executive
DEDaily Egyptian (student newspaper; Carbondale, IL)
DEDirected Evolution
DEDragon Empires (game)
DEDelayed Extraction
DEDesign Estimate
DEDeath Eater (Harry Potter)
DEDisenchant (gaming, World of Warcraft)
DEDelay Equalizer (US DoD)
DEDepth Electrode
DEDark Eldar
DEDeveloper Evangelist (Microsoft)
DEDomain Engineering
DEDisplay Element
DEData Exclusivity
DEDistinguished Editor (Institute of Professional Editors)
DEDigital Empire
DEDigital Encoder
DEDoctor of Engineering
DEDistant End (satellite communications)
DEDecentralized Execution (US DoD)
DEDedicated Equipment
DEDefense Emergency
DEDelegated Examining
DEDistribution Engineering
DEDry End
DEDebugging Extension (computing)
DEDestruction Efficiency
DEData Encoder
DEDictation Equipment
DEDevice End
DEDefense Enterprise (GIG)
DEDivisional Engineer
DEDeep Etch
DEDiscard Eligibility (ATM)
DEDarkness Eternal (website)
DEDiethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether
DEDynamics Explorer
DEDevelopment Ephemeris (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
DEdegree of esterification
DEDesignated Examiner
DEDevelopment Estimate
DEDiscipline Engineer
DEDigital Exploitation
DEDecision Element
DEDesignated Engineer
DEDigital Enclosure
DEDisplay Entity
DEIndividual Drift Error (US DoD)
DEDamage Expectancy
DEDoppler Extractor (US NASA)
DEDraconian Empire (gaming)
DEDissemination Element
DECondor Flugdienst GmbH, Germany (IATA airline code)
DEDivisions Exercise
DEDivision/District Engineer (Army Corps of Engineers)
DEDisposable Excess
DEDrums Equivalent
DETotal Drift error
DEDeployment Echelon
DEAssault Personnel Destroyer
DEDCS/Engineering & Services
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Under the common law mark Dale Earnhardt, the goods and services in the pleaded registration were "primarily memorabilia/novelty items, clothing, and professional automobile racing services." Interestingly, though, she did not offer any testimony or evidence that the goods and services in the registrations were related to those of her stepson.
Three-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson said he worked "twice as hard to make sure I earned his respect," and Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Navy, we have had the distinct pleasure of meeting many of the hard-working men and women of the Navy each weekend at the race track," said Dale Earnhardt Jr., team owner of JR Motorsports.
Siegel is the president of global operations for the multi-million-dollar company, and responsible for day-to-day operations and the assets in the Earnhardt business portfolio--which includes motor sports teams, licensing, promotion, sales, business development projects and the Dale Earnhardt Foundation.
Siegel's new leadership role at Dale Earnhardt Inc.
Coming as it did on the heels of Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s death and the results of energy-absorbing barrier testing, the COT, as it is known, was designed to be safer but also gives NASCAR license to aero-match the cars to its heart's content for closer racing.
A sample item from this adapted scale read, "Being an auto racing fan is very important to me." Section three asked participants to provide their open-ended reactions to the fatal crash involving Dale Earnhardt, which occurred February 18,2001 during the Daytona 500 (testing occurred between six and twelve months subsequent to the crash).
Buyers attending the event include Audi, ZF Sachs, McLaren, Lotus, Lola, Dale Earnhardt and Cosworth.
The first 50 of 77,000 trees that will honor the memory of NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt were planted in Sloan Park outside Mooresville, North Carolina, in November by AMERICAN FORESTS and The Dale Earnhardt Foundation.
These include House in Brooklyn, 2003, which features a partially collapsed building spilling the domestic guts of eight apartments into the pit of an adjacent excavation site; Theory of Catastrophe, 2004, an aerial view of a freeway pileup of tractor-trailers and cars; and three monumental NASCAR wrecks: The Art of Painting, 2005; Car Crash, 2003; and Death of Dale Earnhardt, 2003.
During the final laps of the 2001 Daytona 500 race, Dale Earnhardt, Sr.
"With our new and exclusive offerings, like the Dale Earnhardt Jr.