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DAMMDirection Associée des Musées Municipaux (French: Associate Director of the Municipal Museums; France)
DAMMDe.alt.music.metal (German newsgroup)
DAMMDrivers Against Mad Methods
DAMMDisplay And Manipulation Module (ORNL)
DAMMDigital Application Map Manager (ASAS systems)
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This year's Estrella Damm Top 50 Gastropubs list shows how diverse gastropubs are up and down the country.
Damm currently serves as a member of the State of Kansas' Credit Union Council.
Damm is a sophisticated reader and meticulous researcher with a gift for detecting nuances and reading between the lines.
Mrs Henderson died in 1944 aged 80, but left the theatre to Van Damm.
With that in mind, this compilation by Peter Damm includes a Sanktus Hubertus Fanfare by Karl Stiegler (announcing the event), Coburger Marsch by Michael Haydn (for the procession of dancers), and then a five-movement quadrille called La Noce du Picqueur (Hunter's Wedding) by Tyndare Gryer (1850-1936) with titles: Le Pantalon (a folk song), L'Eti (a contradance celebrating Summer), La Poule (in which the cackling of chickens is heard), Le Pastourelle (a shepherd song), and a upbeat Finale (in three sections).
Damm's Estrella Damm, Inedit and Daura in the United States.
TO celebrate the arrival of Picasso the Albert Dock has teamed up with Tate Liverpool and beer producers Estrella Damm, to provide a summer long fiesta of competition prizes.
Estrella Damm, which has a pale lager style, is one of the highest selling beers in Spain and is often referred to as the star of Barcelona.
Gregory Damm, a lawyer on the Justice Department team that is prosecuting Kahre and others on charges including income tax evasion, fraud and criminal conspiracy.
Noted chef Ferran Adria of the legendary restaurant elBulli and Spanish brewer Estrella Damm have launched INEDIT, a beer designed specifically to complement food.
Jamie and Max Myrni beat Ivan Ljubicic and Tommy Robredo 6-4 7-6 and Andy and Eric Butorac followed them with a defeat of Martin Damm and Pavel Vizner.