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DLDefinition List (HTML)
DLDisabled List (sports)
DLDescription Logic
DLDown (Stage) Left
DLDistance Learning
DLDiabolik Lovers (gaming)
DLDigital Library
DLDirect Link
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DLDetroit Lakes (Minnesota)
DLData Link
DLDefensive Line (football)
DLDetroit Lions
DLDesign Layout
DLDelta Airlines
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DLDetroit Lakes, Minnesota
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DLDetection Limit
DLDarlington (UK postal code)
DLDon't Lie
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DLDef Leppard (band)
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DLDecreto-Lei (decree-law)
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DLDonegal (Irieland)
DLDalai Lama
DLGeneral Counsel (DCAA)
DLDevils Lake (North Dakota)
DLDaresbury Laboratory (UK)
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DLDelay Line (electronic schematics)
DLDead Lift (weight lifting)
DLDiaper Lover (fetish)
DLDiploma di Laurea (Italian: Degree)
DLDiagonal Loading (beamforming)
DLDivision Leader
DLDémocratie Libérale (French: liberal democracy)
DLDirect Labor
DLDark Legacy (game roleplaying MUD)
DLDocument List
DLDemocratic Left (UK)
DLDesign Limits
DLDistrict Leader (LDS church)
DLDepartment of Labour
DLDark Lotus (band)
DLDen Leader (Boy Scouts of America)
DLDiplôme de Langue (French: Diploma in Language)
DLDepot Level
DLDrum Line
DLDied Laughing
DLDemarcation Line
DLDexter's Laboratory (cartoon show)
DLDreadlord (gaming)
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DLDuelist League (game)
DLDark Lich (game character)
DLDetachment Leader
DLEducational Delay
DLDissipative Loss
DLDesignated Loser (sports)
DLDeficiency Log
DLDisciplinary Leave
DLDeal Load
DLData Discrepancy List
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The Senate unanimously provided advice and consent to ratification of the Convention in 1973, and some Members have supported the inclusion of sites on the World Heritage List or Danger List.
This was one of the factors in the site being finally taken off the Danger List.
Puts forward a case for the nomination of the Antarctic continent and its ice shelves for inclusion on the World Heritage List and its inclusion on the World Heritage Danger List.
Taking early action enabled English Heritage to save 86 per cent of the buildings removed from its danger list last year including the Roundhouse Theatre in London and one of the earliest large-scale office buildings in the country, The Albany, in Liverpool, now converted into impressive residential dwellings.
Hip hop was voted the second most distracting by 41 percent and in contrast to the popularity of classical music, opera was voted third in the danger list, receiving 28 per cent of votes.
At least 13 species sold by the US-owned chain are on the Greenpeace danger list of fish which are over-exploited or destructively caught.
Everest) to the Committee's danger list due to the threat of climate change.
Many well-known mountaineers signed a petition calling for Nepal's Sagarmatha National Park around Mount Everest to be placed on UNESCO's World Heritage Danger List.
In the past, placement on UNESCO's danger list has helped prevent a shopping center next to Auschwitz and a giant gold mine a mile from Yellowstone National Park.
Earlier, as exclusively revealed by the Sunday People, the depressed Princess had been placed on the danger list.
The 28-year-old, who is still on the danger list after collapsing during his IBF featherweight title fight last Saturday, underwent emergency surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain and, despite showing positive signs at first, there has since been no change.