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DTSData Transformation Services (OLAP)
DTSDigital Theater Sound (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.)
DTSDrug Treatment Service (various organizations)
DTSDefense Travel System
DTSDallas Theological Seminary
DTSDigital Theater Systems, Inc.
DTSData Technology Solutions (Breaux Bridge, LA)
DTSDepartment of Technology Services
DTSDanger to Self (psychiatry)
DTSDon't Think So
DTSDroits de Tirage Spéciaux (French: Special Drawing Rights)
DTSDiplôme de Technicien Supérieur (French: Higher Technical Diploma)
DTSDown to Smoke
DTSDrain the Swamp
DTSDigital Theatre System
DTSDrama and Theatre Studies (various universities)
DTSData Transfer Service
DTSDirector of Technical Services (various companies)
DTSDefense Transportation System
DTSDecline to State (voter affiliation designation)
DTSDuplicate Tag Store
DTSDraft Technical Standard
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DTSDeveloper Technical Services
DTSDisaster Tolerant Solutions
DTSDigital Surround
DTSDecoding Time Stamp
DTSDate Time Stamp
DTSDistributed Traffic Shaping
DTSDeville Touring Sedan
DTSDeliverable Tracking System
DTSData to Send
DTSDispatch Table Search
DTSDebug Trace Store
DTSDefinitive Telefax Standard
DTSData Transformation Services
DTSDigital Thermal Sensor (computing)
DTSDistribution de Temps de Séjour (French: Distribution of Residence Time)
DTSDock to Stock (shipping)
DTSDefect Tracking System
DTSDual Training System
DTSData Transfer Solutions (various companies)
DTSDevelopment Technical Support (various organizations)
DTSDecoding Time Stamp (MPEG systems)
DTSDigital Transmission System
DTSDivision of Traffic Safety (Illinois)
DTSData Transfer System
DTSDistributed Traffic Shaping (Cisco)
DTSDiplomatic Telecommunications Service
DTSDeemed to Satisfy (building codes)
DTSDistributed Time Service
DTSDown to Snuggle
DTSDeville Touring Sedan (Cadillac)
DTSDescriptive Translation Studies
DTSDrivetrain and Suspension (vehicles)
DTSDigital Terrain System
DTSDocument Tracking Services (software)
DTSDocument Tracking System
DTSData Terminal Set
DTSDirect-To-Sailor (US Navy)
DTSDispatcher Training Simulator
DTSDown the Shore (New Jersey slang)
DTSData Transfer Standard
DTSDistributed Technology Support
DTSDésorientation Temporo-Spatiale (French: Temporo-Spatial Disorientation)
DTSDedicated Transmission Service
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DTSDigital Time Stamp
DTSDimension Technology Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
DTSDead Theologians Society
DTSDistrict Technology Services (various locations)
DTSDevelopment Tracking System
DTSDéfenses Tactiques Spécialisées (French: Specialized Tactical Defense; Canada)
DTSDowntown Superior Court (California)
DTSDownthesun (band)
DTSDoumenc Thillard Services (French transportation company)
DTSDigital Transmission Systems, Inc. (former stock symbol; now delisted)
DTSDisciple Training School
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DTSDigital Termination Service
DTSDopo I Tempi Supplementari (Italian: After Extra Time; soccer)
DTSDirect To Site (deliveries)
DTSData Transport Standard
DTSDigital Telecommunications System
DTSDrogowa Trasa Srednicowa (Poland expressway)
DTSDiplomatic Telecommunications System
DTSDimensionnement Techniques Spéciales (French: Dimensioning Special Techniques; architecture)
DTSDispositivo Telefónico Para Sordos (Spanish)
DTSDeficiency Tracking System
DTSDigital Terminal Systems (Bellcore)
DTSDivision of Technical Services
DTSDynamic Transport System (Optical Networks, Inc.)
DTSDesk Top Support
DTSDesert Tiger Stripe (camouflage)
DTSDanger to Shipping (obesity)
DTSDigital Test Signal
DTSDragon Tooth Sword (gaming, Deus Ex)
DTSDoctor of Theological Studies
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DTSDeath to Smoochie (movie)
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DTSDisplay Test Station
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DTSDate Training Starts
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DTSData Transfer Switchboard
DTSDaily Time Sheet
DTSDepartment of Training Services
DTSDefault Transport Session (IEEE)
DTSData Terminal Software (ViaSat)
DTSDigital Transmission Surveillance System
DTSDon't Travel System
DTSDaily Test Schedule
DTSDeeside Transport System (UK)
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(56) There are significant differences among states, however, as to the definition of danger to self or others.
"Ask about emotional difficulties and use of drugs and alcohol, identify lack of developmental progress, and estimate level of distress, impairment of functioning, and level of danger to self and others," the committee members wrote.
The Florida Mental Health Act, commonly known as the Baker Act, was enacted in 1971; however, the underlying commitment criteria has its foundations in mid-18th century English law that is predicated on a very narrow definition of imminent danger to self or others.
Once it is determined that a patient is a danger to self, the appropriate consultation with a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practitioner should be made for a full and complete psychiatric assessment.
Most state commitment laws specify that patients may be involuntarily admitted to a hospital only on grounds of danger to self, danger to others or grave disability.
166 (2003), held that the government may involuntarily medicate a criminal defendant to render the defendant competent to stand trial even though the defendant does not pose a danger to self or others.
The medical reality is confounded by many state laws requiring that a person become a "danger to self or others" before anything can be done if the person refuses treatment.
According to this study, school counselors who recently participated in continuing education on ethics or legal issues felt better prepared to determine whether to report suspected child abuse, respond to pressure to reveal confidential information, and to determine whether a student was a danger to self or others.
There were no differences in beliefs between groups regarding danger to self, stealing, abandonment, TV figures being real, spouses or others being someone other than who they claimed to be, or the idea that their house was not their home, she noted.
The law is also vague about what constitutes 'danger to self or others'.
Kaine issued an Executive Order to clarify when an individual who has been determined to be mentally ill and a danger to self or others in Virginia is barred from purchasing a firearm.