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DANGODatabase of Archives of Non-Governmental Organisations (UK)
DANGODatabase of Archives of NGOs (UK)
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Korak shouted down at him, calling him, in the language of the great apes, "Old green-eyed eater of carrion," "Brother of Dango," the hyena, and other choice appellations of jungle opprobrium.
Twice more he saw him hurl his arrows of destruction--once at Dango, the hyena, and again at Manu, the monkey.
"Brother of Dango!" shouted Tarzan, angered that Numa's return should have been so timed as to frustrate his plans for a comfortable night's repose.
She hurled taunts at them for their cowardice, and called them vile names, such as Histah, the snake, and Dango, the hyena.
Speaking to the large crowed during the celebration, al-Bashir announced the release the child soldiers who were apprehended during the Gouz Dango battle today, saying they would be handed over to the Ministry of Social Welfare.
Abdul-Majid said that he and others have liberated themselves from Jibril prisons after Goz Dango battle which represented the beginning of the end for Jibril Group which became militarily and politically weak.
We are grateful to Kaneko s liberation because he solves the paradox his work creates: He demonstrates that the power of will and commitment guided within a group of like minded individuals can accomplish the heroic task of bringing order to the chaos of mixing earth water and fire and in struggling to accomplish this feat, the unexpected gift of feeling the wonder and freedom of childhood while standing under the towering form of a dango is manifest by everyone who encounters the work and especially by the artist himself.
Gen Abass who was addressing the Rapid Intervention Forces (RIF) and NISS troops in Goz Dango area of south Darfur on the occasion marking the defeat of the rebel JEM forces that the RIF have delivered their promise and were able to crush the entire JEM forces in a matter of half an hour.
Erbyn hyn mae David Austin yn hyderus ei fod wrthi'n darganfod olion canolfan gwbl allweddol yn hanes Cymru, safle sy'n dangos bod brenin y Deheubarth, yr Arglwydd Rhys, yn cynllunio ar gyfer creu gwlad "fodern" gyflawn yn yr 1170au.
Bydd y ffilmiau yma'n cael eu dangos cyn dechrau ac yn ystod Cwpan Rygbi'r Byd, yn ogystal a phlatfformau cyfryngau cymdeithasol S4C a gwefan Chwedloni, www.chwedloni.cymu.