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DANDanville (Amtrak station code; Danville, VA)
DANDannenberg (Germany; auto license number plate)
DANDefeat Autism Now (Autism Research Institute)
DANData Access Network
DANDiabetic Autonomic Neuropathy (illness)
DANDivers Alert Network
DANDisk Area Network
DANDevelopment Account Number
DANDisability Advocacy Network (various locations)
DANDevon Artist Network (UK)
DANDirect Action Network (anti-globalization movement)
DANDiver’s Alert Network (US DoD)
DANDirective d'Aménagement National (French: National Planning Guidance)
DANDanville Regional Airport (airport code, VA)
DANDanville, VA, USA (Airport Code)
DANDry All Night (toilet training picture book)
DANDocument d'Application National (French: National Document Application)
DANDevelopment of the Arts in Northwich (UK)
DANDesk Area Network
DANDialogues across Nebraska (est. 2005)
DANDepositor Account Number
DANdeca Newton (unit of tensile strength)
DANDigital Advertising Network, Inc
DANData Availability Notice
DANDepartmental Area Network
DANData Accession Number
DANDocument Access Number
DANDanielsville, Georgia, USA
DANDistant Area Networking
DANData Analysis CSCI
References in classic literature ?
Then they had to go into the back rooms occupied by Billina's nine Dorothys and two Daniels, who were all plump yellow chickens and greeted the visitors very politely.
Then, and not until then, Daniel Quilp himself, the cause and occasion of all this clamour, was observed to be in the room, looking on and listening with profound attention.
Mr Daniel Rackstraw said that he did not desire to be unfair to Manchester United.
Few took the tragedy more nearly to heart than Daniel Rackstraw.
It is enough to say that Clarence had reached a level of emotional eloquence rarely met with among goal-keepers of the First League, when Isabel broke from him with a startled exclamation, and vanished; and, looking over his shoulder, Clarence observed Mr Daniel Rackstraw moving towards him.
The son confirmed his father's account, but when Daniel Nugent was called he swore positively that just before the fall of his companion, he saw a boat, with a single man in it, at a short distance from the shore; and as far as he could judge by the light of a few stars, it was the same boat in which I had just landed.
They put it into a bed and rubbed it, and Daniel went to the town for an apothecary, but life was quite gone.
Down in to the Yard, by way of the steps, came Daniel Doyce, Mr Meagles, and Clennam.
NHS worker Stephen Kaluuya, 59, says he last saw him when Daniel was a tiny baby.
Daniel is reported to have been in Babylon until the first year of King Cyrus (Dan.
Daniel, a member of the Elim Pentecostal Church, Huddersfield, was approached by the BBC programme to feature in an episode on Lent which looked at when people go through difficult times.
Daniel sadly was never once seen out playing in the street - I live across from Daniel's house and the family never once integrated, Not one neighbour can recall ever seeing either Daniel or the mum and stepdad in any local shop, pub or any other setting.