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DANDanville (Amtrak station code; Danville, VA)
DANDannenberg (Germany; auto license number plate)
DANDefeat Autism Now (Autism Research Institute)
DANData Access Network
DANDiabetic Autonomic Neuropathy (illness)
DANDisk Area Network
DANDivers Alert Network
DANDevelopment Account Number
DANDisability Advocacy Network (various locations)
DANDevon Artist Network (UK)
DANDirect Action Network (anti-globalization movement)
DANDiver’s Alert Network (US DoD)
DANDirective d'Aménagement National (French: National Planning Guidance)
DANDanville Regional Airport (airport code, VA)
DANDanville, VA, USA (Airport Code)
DANDry All Night (toilet training picture book)
DANDocument d'Application National (French: National Document Application)
DANDevelopment of the Arts in Northwich (UK)
DANDesk Area Network
DANDialogues across Nebraska (est. 2005)
DANDepositor Account Number
DANdeca Newton (unit of tensile strength)
DANDigital Advertising Network, Inc
DANDepartmental Area Network
DANData Availability Notice
DANData Accession Number
DANDocument Access Number
DANDanielsville, Georgia, USA
DANDistant Area Networking
DANData Analysis CSCI
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Fort Daniel Conservation Area is located 15 minutes east of downtown Decatur, at 4975 Fort Daniel Rd.
Daniel talked about conspiracies and went to great lengths to hide his identity - he believed he knew more than most people and it was making him mistrustful of everyone.
In an interview with the media during a recent Pepsi event, Daniel said his separation from Kathryn in doing projects was strange at first, but he learned to understand what was happening for their growth.
The controversial businessman, also known as the Fat Controller, invited the crime boss to his hospitality suite at Ibrox hours before Daniel was the victim of a machete attack.
But eight years ago life changed when Daniel was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
Daniel was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary after being resuscitated by paramedics and then blue lighted to Leeds at 3.40am with his mum, Katie, and dad, Kevin.
The article says: "There is currently a person on WhatsApp using an image of Daniel and his name 'Daniel O'Donnell', who is looking for a donation online for seemingly charitable purposes."
The charges arise from two cases where Daniel clashed with judges: A divorce case in Charles City County and a will contest in Suffolk.
Later, after Darius the Mede conquered Babylon, he noticed Daniel and "made plans to place him over the entire empire" (Daniel 6:3).
They have also said thank you to everyone who tried their best to keep Daniel alive and those who have supported the family in the aftermath.