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DANDannenberg (Germany; auto license number plate)
DANDirect Action Network (anti-globalization movement)
DANDiver’s Alert Network (US DoD)
DANDanville Regional Airport (airport code, VA)
DANDanville, VA, USA (Airport Code)
DANDry All Night (toilet training picture book)
DANDevelopment of the Arts in Northwich (UK)
DANDesk Area Network
DANDepositor Account Number
daNdeca Newton (unit of tensile strength)
DANDigital Advertising Network, Inc
DANDepartmental Area Network
DANData Availability Notice
DANDocument Access Number
DANData Accession Number
DANDanielsville, Georgia, USA
DANData Analysis CSCI
DANDistant Area Networking
DANDocument d'Application National (French: National Document Application)
DANDirective d'Aménagement National (French: National Planning Guidance)
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Wopsle was divesting himself of his Danish garments, and here there was just room for us to look at him over one another's shoulders, by keeping the packing-case door, or lid, wide open.
And there a Danish gentleman who was looking for books about his own land found Beowulf, and made a copy of it.
When the Danish gentleman made his copy of Beowulf, he found the edges of the book so charred by fire that they broke away with the slightest touch.
Aescendum" in the chroniclers), which broke the Danish power, and made England a Christian land.
At the Danish capital he was again a few days late, for they had journeyed on to London, where he at last succeeded in running them to earth.
Ogg's that morning; and when Tom urged that she might let the pickles be at present,--he didn't like her to go about just yet,--she appeared so hurt at this conduct in her son, contradicting her about pickles which she had made after the family receipts inherited from his own grandmother, who had died when his mother was a little girl, that he gave way, and they walked together until she turned toward Danish Street, where Mr.
Another Danish school, the Copenhagen Hospitality College, made headlines earlier this month when a Muslim student of nutrition was forced to taste pork and wine in order to complete his studies, the paper added.
In order to carry out a wide range of missions, the Danish Armed Forces require a communication system that can deliver secure, effective Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR).
Danish believes that "as a country, we're at this stage," adding many find it easier to complain about Mubarak, and seek a replacement, than organize themselves.
Denmark's ruling Liberal Party has agreed with the Danish People's Party, the Conservative People's Party, the Liberal Alliance and the Social Democratic Party to up the requirements for Danish citizenship applicants, according to Danish Minister for Integration Inger Stoejberg.
Exclusive business seminars with individual company meetings will be arranged in all three cities, and the Danish companies will also participate in broader matchmaking receptions in Karachi and Islamabad.
The first Danish soldiers of the UNFICYP Danish Contingent (DANCON) arrived in Cyprus in May 1964.
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