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DHCSDepartment of Health Care Services (California)
DHCSDepartment of Health and Community Services (various locations)
DHCSDepartment of Disability, Housing and Community Services (Australia)
DHCSDisability Housing and Community Services (Canberra, Australia)
DHCSDivision of Health Care Services (Alaska)
DHCSDanish HIV Cohort Study (Danish National Hospital Registry)
DHCSDistrict Heating and Cooling System
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From records of the Danish HIV Cohort Study and the Copenhagen General Population Study, the investigators classified each person as a current smoker, a previous smoker, or a never smoker.
Analyses from the Danish HIV Cohort Study showed that, despite comparable economic means and general education of healthcare personnel, antiretroviral treatment of HIV in Greenland began later and has been implemented at a slower pace with lower therapeutic effectiveness than in Denmark.
The population-based Danish HIV Cohort Study (DHCS) collects clinical and paraclinical data on all HIV-infected persons under care in Denmark and Greenland since 1995 (2, 4), including antiretroviral treatment, HIV RNA (viral load), and date of death or emigration.
Demographics of HIV-1 infection in Denmark: results from The Danish HIV Cohort Study. Scand J Infect Dis.
Decreasing rate of multiple treatment modifications among individuals who initiated antiretroviral therapy in 1997-2009 in the Danish HIV Cohort Study. Antivir Ther.
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