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DNSDomain Name System
DNSDomain Name Service
DNSDid Not Start (auto racing)
DNSDid Not Show
DNSDesoxyribonukleinsäure (German: DNA)
DNSDo Not Sell
DNSDistributed Name Service
DNSDetermination of Non Significance
DNSDirector of Nursing Services
DNSData Network Services (Richmond, Virginia)
DNSDigital Nervous System
DNSData Not Shown
DNSDomain Name Server/Service
DNSDeviated Nasal Septum
DNSDynamic Name Server
DNSDo Not Schedule
DNSDark Northern Spring (wheat)
DNSDo Not Substitute (pharmacy directive)
DNSDirector, Navy Staff
DNSDepartment of Nuclear Safety (FEMA)
DNSDecca Navigator System (RadioNavigation-Commission of Irish Lights)
DNSDoppler Navigation System
DNSDen Norske Studentersangforening
DNSDog N Suds (drive-in restaurant)
DNSDay & Night Sight
DNSDate Not Specified
DNSDiffuse Neutron Scattering
DNSDay/Night Scope
DNSDelta Network Systems
DNSDrowning Non-Swimmer (lifeguarding)
DNSDiablo Numismatic Society
DNSDragon Naturally Speaking (voice recognition)
DNSDremel Net Solutions LLC
DNSDoppler Navigation Sensor
DNSDrunk 'n Stupid (band)
DNSDextrose Normal Saline
DNSDivision of Nutritional Services
DNSDigital Network Switch
DNSDinitrosalycilate (biochemistry)
DNSDundee Naturalists' Society (Scotland, UK)
DNSDomain Naming System
DNSDoctor of Nursing Science
DNSDinitrosalicylic Acid
DNSDebt Negotiation Services (Boynton Beach, FL)
DNSDirect Numerical Simulation
DNSDigital Network Solutions (various locations)
DNSDefense National Stockpile
DNSDivision of Nuclear Safety
DNSDo Not Survey
DNSDistant Network Service
DNSDo Not Stuff (electronics manufacturing)
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Derivatization with dansyl chloride, as described below, was highly effective and was therefore used for all studies described for the LC-MS/MS method (31).
To derivatize the samples, we then added an equal volume of 1 g/L dansyl chloride in acetone, vortex-mixed each sample for 1 min, and incubated the samples in a heating block at 60[degrees]C for 3 min.
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The urinary 3-methylhistidine concentrations were determined by reversed-phase HPLC after precolumn derivatization with dansyl chloride (15) and fluorescence detection.
The use of reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and precolumn derivatization with dansyl chloride for quantitation of specific amino acids in collagen and elastin.
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Gal-Hyl can be measured using an amino acid analyzer (12), but simpler methods have been developed for measurement of urinary Gal-Hyl, using HPLC after derivatization with dansyl chloride (13-16).