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DANTESDefense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
DANTESDefense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services
DANTESDemonstrate and Assess New Tools for Environmental Sustainability (2002-2005; EU Life-Environment)
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"But tell me, Dantes, if you had command of the Pharaon should you be glad to see Danglars remain?"
"That's right, that's right, Dantes! I see you are a thoroughly good fellow, and will detain you no longer.
The shipowner, smiling, followed him with his eyes until he saw him spring out on the quay and disappear in the midst of the throng, which from five o'clock in the morning until nine o'clock at night, swarms in the famous street of La Canebiere, -- a street of which the modern Phocaeans are so proud that they say with all the gravity in the world, and with that accent which gives so much character to what is said, "If Paris had La Canebiere, Paris would be a second Marseilles." On turning round the owner saw Danglars behind him, apparently awaiting orders, but in reality also watching the young sailor, -- but there was a great difference in the expression of the two men who thus followed the movements of Edmond Dantes.
Dantes acknowledged the significance of the youth having a representative in Congress, but loathed the ploy Cardema took to secure the position thru the party-list system.
Dante's Divine Comedy is an attempt to restore a wayward society through the eradication of cupidity.
In March 2008, DANTES suspended paper-based testing for college-level examination programs across the Navy due to a loss of control of paper-based exams aboard several Navy ships.
DANTES is renowned for its testing programs through which over 500,000 credit hours were earned last year.
She captures Sylvia's fear and frustration as she tries to get into the mind of Dantes to stop a catastrophe.
Dantes happily announced the news via Instagram, where he posted a photo of Rivera and their new baby.
Keywords: Dante Alighieri; Florence; Ravenna; Risorgimento; skeletal history; tombs.
Freedom Readers argues that Dante's Divine Comedy has influenced black American writers from the late 1800s through modern times.
Jewel Spears Brooker explores Bradley's philosophy, which she claims had a lasting influence on Eliot's poetry: it promised to resolve and transcend the dualism emotion-intellect, but Eliot found that both these terms were in perfect conjunction in Dante's poetry (5).