DArchDoctor of Architecture
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"Have you ever been at Darch's Dining-rooms in London?" she asked, with an appearance of the deepest interest.
"I was employed to wait on the gentlemen at Darch's Dining-rooms -- I was.
Tess soon perceived as she walked in the flock, sometimes with this one, sometimes with that, that the fresh night air was producing staggerings and serpentine courses among then men who had partaken too freely; some of the more careless women also were wandering in their gait--to wit, a dark virago, Car Darch, dubbed Queen of Spades, till lately a favourite of d'Urberville's; Nancy, her sister, nicknamed the Queen of Diamonds; and the young married woman who had already tumbled down.
"Well--whatever is that a-creeping down thy back, Car Darch?" said one of the group suddenly.
Rhodri Darch, who is working with the Fusiliers between the south east and south west of Basra, says,if true, the claims bring disgrace upon British forces.
In a statement, Darch said the meeting was productive and included a visit to the museum's collections and document rooms.
Among guests at celebration organised by the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust was Erich Darch, recipient of the 3,000th transplant.
"I always have such fantastic support and having an opponent like Dorian Darch will bring out the best in me.
Among those who participated in Monday's private session were Barrington Village President Karen Darch and museum Chairman Dean Maiben.
Darch, 29, a former Welsh amateur champion, started his pro career with a bang - rattling off six straight wins before being stopped by Ian Lewison in December 2012.
But Mr Darch, 54, of Rockwell Green, near Wellington, in Somerset, says the council told him in 2006 it was an oversight and they would write it off.
Capt Darch, of Cardiff, added: ``The Black Watch are infantry regiment performing a similar job to ourselves.