DARSADestiladora de Alcoholes y Rones Sociedad Anónima (Guatemala)
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7) Acri and Darsa 2009 initially identified four nipah manuscripts from Kabuyutan Ciburuy in Garut, in addition to 23 lontar manuscripts kept in the same location.
Several other manuscripts with the same title are found in the collection of the PNRI (L 634, L 637, L 638); an edition of San Hyan Hayu based only on PNRI L 634 and L 637 has been provided by Darsa 1998.
24) Such as San Hyan Hayu (PNRI L 634, L 637, L 638, see Darsa 1998), Dharma Patanjala (cod.
Improvements in the amount of water being put to waste is an environmental concern that Darsa says needs some attention.
Ensuring that a consistent supply of ultrapure water is supplied to instruments at all times to guarantee accurate results is also required of future pure lab water systems," says Darsa.
Energy conservation and going green are the theme for the year," says Darsa.
There are a lot of cool, new products to see this year," Darsa says.
30) Kosuta, "Siena nella vitae nell'opera di Marino Darsa," offers a detailed discussion of Drzic's time in Siena and of the Sienese influence on his plays.
For a discussion of the Sianese popular theater and its influence on Tirena, see Kosuta, "Siena nella vitae nell'opera di Marino Darsa," 84-98.
Darsa et al [7] make a Delaunay triangulation and fill every triangle with a constant colour resulting from the average of dominant colours of the triangle.
Block 38 surrounds the smaller islands of Abdel Kuri, Samhah and Darsa.
Indeed, Marriott is himself open to this possibility: "The model outlined above is undoubtedly biassed in the direction of its sources, which are mostly Hindu, more north Indian than southern, more learned than popular, more of samkhyayoga than of any other darsa na, more ayurvedic than astrological, more orthodox than devotional, more high caste than low, and more male than female" (p.