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DDPDisney Dining Plan (Walt Disney World)
DDPDelivered Duty Paid (shipping)
DDPDatagram Delivery Protocol
DDPDelivered Duty Paid (international commercial term)
DDPDiamond Dallas Page (pro-wrestler)
DDPDeutscher Depeschendienst
DDPDesert Development Programme (India)
DDPDebian Documentation Project
DDPDevelopment Data Platform
DDPDisk Based Data Protection
DDPDevice Driver Profile
DDPDomestic Data Plus
DDPDelivery Duty Paid
DDPDifferential Dynamic Programming (algorithm)
DDPDual Degree Program (various schools)
DDPDoplnkové Dôchodkové Poistenie (Slovak: Supplementary Pension Insurance)
DDPDynamic Drive Pool (computing)
DDPDeutsche Demokratische Partei (German Democratic Party)
DDPDouble Degree Program (various schools)
DDPDisc Description Protocol
DDPDistributed Data Processing
DDPDiploma Development Partnership (UK)
DDPDistrict Development Plan
DDPDublin Death Patrol (thrash band)
DDPDiet Dr. Pepper (soft drink)
DDPDepartment of Defense Production (India)
DDPDetailed Deployment Plan (US DoD)
DDPDifférence de Potentiel
DDPDifferenza Di Potenziale (physics, Italian)
DDPDealer Direct Participant
DDPDodonpachi (video game)
DDPDartmouth Dante Project (Dartmouth College; Hanover, NH)
DDPDominicans Don't Play (gang)
DDPDeclaration of Design and Performance
DDPDefect Detection and Prevention
DDPDelta Dental Plan (military)
DDPDeep Down Productions (underwater videography)
DDPDesign and Drawing for Production
DDPDirectorate of Plans (now the Directorate of Operations)
DDPDefensive Driving Program (various locations)
DDPDefect Detection Percentage (number defects found by testing divided by total know defects)
DDPDum Dum Project (music project)
DDPData-Derived Product
DDPDoki Doki Panic (video game)
DDPDeputy Director of Plans (US CIA)
DDPDowntown Denver Partnership, Inc. (Colorado)
DDPDevelopment Data Platform (World Bank Development Data Group)
DDPDigital Data Processing
DDPDevelopmental Disability Program
DDPDecentralized Dance Party
DDPDynamic Document Package (software)
DDPDélégation au Développement du Pentagone (French: Pentagon Delegation for Development; Belgium)
DDPDue-Date Performance
DDPDynamic Datacorp People (Canada)
DDPDeafness-Dystonia-Optic Atrophy Syndrome
DDPDeeply Discounted Print (publishing subscription)
DDPDynamic Driver Provisioning (Microsoft)
DDPDirector of Defense Procurement
DDPDraft Development Plan
DDPDrug Design Program
DDPDidecyl Phthalate
DDPDiego de Pietri (musician)
DDPDependent Dental Plan
DDPDragon Dagger Poison (online game Runescape)
DDPDictionary Development Process (software; Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc.)
DDPDefense Diversification Program
DDPDelay Differentiation Parameter
DDPDefault Display Protocol
DDPDiamond Diva Princess
DDPDeliverable Data Package
DDPDesign Development Plan
DDPDemand Development Period
DDPDirect Deposit Processing
DDPDaughters of Divine Providence
DDPDrawing & Design for Production
DDPDigital Doppler Processor
DDPDatabase Descriptor Packet
DDPDeflect and Drop Policy (IEEE)
DDPDistribution Drop Point
DDPDaily Delinquency Penalty (IRS)
DDPDiscover-Driven Planning
DDPData Distribution Program
DDPDarn Double Post
DDPDesign Development Package
DDPDesign Data Package
DDPDiscrete Display Panel
DDPDirected Difference Packing
DDPDeck Design Procedure
DDPDetailed Demonstration Plan
DDPDistrict Delegate Program
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34.121-126) as presented in the Dartmouth Dante Project, conceived and co-directed by Robert Hollander, in collaboration with Stephen Campbell, Dartmouth College Computing Services, and Simone Marchesi.
(Dartmouth Dante Project, http://dante.dartmouth.edu/.)
(1) Its last enthusiastic supporter, at least among the commentators gathered in the Dartmouth Dante Project, was Manfredi Porena (1946).
Ironically, this version is also the most prominent exception to the general correlation of the cannibalistic interpretation with the terminology of "power." Hollander's translation reads "Then fasting had more power than grief," and his commentary appears on both the Princeton and Dartmouth Dante Project sites, which were created under his guidance.
Chiavacci, Anna Maria, "Commento alla Divina Commedia", Dartmouth Dante Project, Eds, Stephen Campbell, Robert Hollander y Massimiliano Chiamenti, 2009, Web, 12 de enero de 2013, <http://dante,dartmouth,edu/biblio,php?comm_id=19915>
A few relevant commentaries (thanks to the remarkable website called the Dartmouth Dante Project): Francesco Flamini (one of the sources noted by Borges in the margin) writes in I significati reconditi della Commedia di Dante e il suofine supremo (1904) that "il Minotauro e mezzo uomo e mezzo toro," and adds: "Dante si figura il Minotauro come toro con testa d'uomo, interpretando liberamente il semibovemque virum, semivirumque bovem di Ovidio: le medaglie ele sculture antiche ci danno invece un uomo con testa di toro; cfr.
The Internet gives access to ARTFL and to the Dartmouth Dante Project (DDP), which includes the text of The Divine Comedy and major commentaries.
Pietro (Par., XXIV, 41-42) e a Dante (Par., XXIX, 10-12)." Dartmouth Dante Project comment on Par.
Dartmouth College (2012) Dartmouth Dante project. Available at: http://dante.dart mouth.edu/ (accessed 30 May 2013).
Any informed interpretation of Dante cannot help but be influenced in more ways than it knows by the vast commentary tradition assembled, for example, in the Dartmouth Dante Project (http://dante.dartmouth.edu).
Medieval and modern commentaries on Dante's Comedy from the Dartmouth Dante Project: (http://dante.dartmouth.edu)
(12) The references to the commentaries are all made through the Dartmouth Dante Project: http://dante.dartmouth.edu.
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