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DASEDirection des Affaires Sociales et Educatives (French: Director of Social Affairs and Education)
DASEDtv Application Software Environment
DASEDistributed Application Support Environment
DASEDesign and Analysis of Simulation Experiments (statistics)
DASEDépartement Analyse, Surveillance, Environnement (French: Environmental Analysis and Monitoring Department)
DASEDepartment of Applied Sciences of Education (various organizations)
DASEDivision Administrative et Sociale des Étudiants (French: Student Administrative and Social Division; University of Geneva; Switzerland)
DASEDiploma of Advanced Studies in Education
DASEDigital Television Application Software Environment
DASEDefense Against Sound Equipment
DASEDoctors' Association for Social Equality (Chennai, India)
DASEDigital Automatic Stabilization Equipment
DASEDenver Articulation Screening Exam (Denver Developmental Materials, Inc.)
DASEDigital Auto-Stabilization Equipment
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(2007) aplicaram a AASE para alcool e a DASE para drogas em geral, e nao fizeram uso das escalas de tentacao correspondentes.
When the shells detached completely at DASE of 88, the dry weight of bamboo was 440-fold greater than that at DASE of 14 (Fig.
Thung Dase and its neighboring villages lie in the watershed of the Palian and Trang Rivers, which drain into the sea from the Bandthad mountain range.
understory species 3.10 [+ or -] 0.36 3.91 [+ or -] 0.27 % plant cover 27.07 [+ or -] 2.79 21.12 [+ or -] 3.08 % sand or silt 68.81 [+ or -] 5.11 58.53 [+ or -] 5.42 % small rock 23.33 [+ or -] 4.64 15.88 [+ or -] 4.59 % medium rock 3.69 [+ or -] 8.77 22.35 [+ or -] 4.85 % large rock 4.17 [+ or -] 2.09 3.09 [+ or -] 1.12 Major tree species (a) PADI, FOSP, BUHI PADI, FOSR BUHI, OLTE Major shrub species (b) FRPA, LYCI, LATR, LYCI, LATR, JACU, SUMO, SASU VIGE Major understory species PEEM, ARAD, EUPH, PEEM, ARAD, EUPH, (c) DAES, MAEV DASE, MAEV Eigenvalue % variance explained Microhabitat variable C.
Carroll Dase, president of Drivven, Inc., San Antonio, Texas, for example, prototyped an engine control system for a 2004 Yamaha YZF-R6 motorcycle.
Mary Ann Dase, CIO of California State University, Channel Islands, sees it as a storyteller role: "Translating IT strategy is a constant process of crafting stories that people can understand without losing the message of the technology." One of her stories exemplifies how security is about protection and prevention, not restriction.
NIST hosted the second annual Digital TV Application Software Environment (known as DASE) international symposium in June 2001, at the agency's Gaithersburg, MD, headquarters.