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DEKData Encryption Key
DEKDirect Entry Keypad (Motorola)
DEKDek Oncogene
DEKDesigner Emulation Kit (product)
DEKDanish Elite Killers (online gaming)
DEKDansk Elektroteknisk Komite (Danish Electrotechnical Committee)
DEKDesign Enablement Kit (semiconductors)
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Let the number of nodes be N, types of key be NK, number of groups be NG and number of data encryption keys NDK per node is limited to 9.
i-1]) which are used for generating Data Encryption keys and Re-keying keys respectively using one way hash function.
After deployment every node generates its 9 data encryption keys as:
Like the Data Encryption keys, the consecutive re-keying keys are also be generated using the previous keys.
First the node that needs to re-key the existing data encryption keys will send a request to the BS using RKRQ message.
To maintain a high level of security and separation the application data backup files should be separated from the backup of encrypted lower level data encryption keys.
Backup of the encrypted data encryption keys should be automated and performed at the same time as business data backup, using standard database backup and restore procedures.
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