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DHBDistrict Health Board (New Zealand)
DHBDarrius Heyward-Bey (American football player)
DHBDefense Health Board
DHBDeutscher Handball Bund (German)
DHBDover Harbour Board (UK)
DHBDeutschen Hausfrauen-Bundes (Darmstadt)
DHBDon't Hold Back (band)
DHBDombes Handball (French handball club)
DHBDog House Bastards (Scottish comedy podcast; UK)
DHBDHB Capital Group, Inc. (former stock symbol; now DHBT)
DHBDragonhawk Brigade (gaming guild)
DHBDrunk Handsome Bastards (band)
DHBData Handbook
DHBDefensive Halfback (soccer)
DHBDual Half-Bridge (Converter)
DHBDeadhead Brigade (online gaming clan)
DHBDockside Handling Building
DHBDeath Hickey Blues (band)
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From explaining what open data is to opening up data to using that data to effect change, Open Data Handbook has all the information you need.
For technical information on pigments, ink makers have long consulted the Pigments Raw Materials Data Handbook (RMDH), which has been the source of a wide range of data on physical and chemical properties.
The author builds upon the recommendations of the third edition of the Metcut Research Associates' Machining Data Handbook, published in 1980, adjusting the parameters in accordance with contemporary metalcutting technology.
This is the third war data handbook of the Correlates of War project, which seeks to gather comprehensive quantifiable and categorical data on all types of wars.
Ekin (physics, National Institute of Standards and Technology) provides core information in a manner accessible enough to suit graduate students while meeting the needs of professionals, combining a textbook on cryostat design techniques with a data handbook 50 years in the making that provides materials property data for carrying out that design.
They comprise the Gulf Drilling Series, highlighting current techniques and technologies in the drilling industry; handbooks in oil and natural gas engineering; books on better and non-conventional recovery techniques such as the high interest area of hydraulic fracturing (fracking); and data handbooks useful as reference sources for researchers and applied engineers working with the physical and chemical properties of hydrocarbons.