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We have found that talk mode variations are usually smaller than data mode variations.
The active TDM data mode includes a compression process for the E1 frame.
The relative positions of the antenna, SAM head phantom and PDA hand phantom in the talking mode and the data mode strictly follow the CTIA standard [12], which is shown in Figure 2.
When in data mode the AN/ PRC-148 becomes a true "data pipe" for the terminal equipment.
The radio, Harris says, is interoperable with both the SINCGARS and HAVE QUICK I/II ECCM operation in voice and data modes. Future enhancements to the SINCGARS waveform will be incorporated using the software upgrade capability of the radio.
It also has a built-in dual functionality allowing it to operate in either telephone (voice) or computer data modes. This functionality allows the user to monitor operating parameters on a real-time basis in addition to having full alarming and control capabilities, Murphy said.
The archived data mode accepts data in a variety of standard formats.
and worldwide data mode communication at 2400, 1200, 600 or 300 bps.
With a modem, you have to dial a number, listen for the distant-end modem to return a tone and then flip a switch to change the phone from voice to a data mode." An Individual Decision
Conditions I [mA] TALK mode GSM900 460 GSM 1800 275 DATA mode; GPRS class 8 GSM 900 495 GSM 1800 300 DATA mode; GPRS class 10 GSM 900 680 GSM 1800 500 DATA mode; GPRS class 12 GSM 900 730 GSM 1800 530
The SDDL1000 provides MMC support, SDIO Interrupt detection, CRC7/CRC16 verification and error detection, full bus decoding, and raw data mode.
In addition, the Agilent U4431A offers a raw data mode, a feature that lets designers see the time-correlated 8b/10b data that underlies each protocol.