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Department of Labor's Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has completed a major upgrade to its primary data system--the Mine Data Retrieval System (MDRS)--bringing increased functionality and more intuitive navigation to this widely used feature.
As the nation's largest, privately-held data retrieval and claims intelligence provider,
The LESCO also showed enhanced performance in data retrieval detection, retrieving 23,680,743 units from 47,443 meters in custody against retrieval of 9,346,973 units from 20,154 meters.
Similarly, a total 980,534 units were detected through data retrieval during the said month, they said.
From data retrieval and income and expense monitoring to automatic bank transaction retrieval, categorization, reconciliation and monthly reports, Accountlet does it all via the cloud.
Objective: To evaluate HMS in terms of its user's satisfaction, time management, data retrieval, record keeping and confidentiality of medical records.
On June 2, the Department announced the IRS Data Retrieval Tool is now available for borrowers applying for an income-driven repayment plan.
According to the Department of Education, the IRS decided in early-March "to temporarily suspend the Data Retrieval Tool (DRT) as a precautionary step following concerns that information from the tool could potentially be misused by identity thieves."
Editors Singh, Dey, Ashour, and Santhi present readers with a collection of academic and professional perspectives on the embedding and associating of semantics within multimedia information to improve data retrieval in a variety of contexts.
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Non-intrusive configuration and data retrieval are via Rotork's Bluetooth[R] Setting Tool or PC (using Rotork's free Insight2[TM] software).