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DVDigital Video
DVDomestic Violence
DVDaily Values (Nutrition Facts in US)
DVDivide (street type)
DVDeveloper (copier component)
DVDependent Variable
DVDick Vitale (sports personality)
DVDeath Valley (California)
DVDengue Virus
DVDiversity Visa (US Department of State)
DVDefault Value (computing)
DVDeus Vult (Latin: God Wills It)
DVDiverter Valve
DVDeja Vu
DVDatenverarbeitung (German: Data Processing and Programming)
DVDry Van (shipping/trucking container)
DVDéjà Vu (amusement park ride)
DVDoppler Velocity
DVDragon Valley (Lineage 2 game)
DVDepreciated Value
DVDesign Verification
DVDeluxe Version
DVDarth Vader
DVDistance Vector (routing protocol)
DVDisabled Veteran (various locations)
DVDemand for Validation (credit)
DVDeveloped Vetting
DVDeVry Inc. (stock symbol)
DVDesign Variable
DVDigestive Vacuole (microbiology)
DVDigito de Verificación (Spanish: Check Digit)
DVDeo Volente (Latin: God Willing)
DVDesign Validation
DVDisabled Vehicle
DVDirect Voltage
DVDistinguished Visitor
DVDifferential Velocity
DVDiminishing Value
DVData Valid
DVDemand Valve
DVDorsal Ventral (radiography)
DVDomiciliary Visit (health care)
DVDesktop Virtualization
DVDescent Vehicle
DVDark Vision (band)
DVDefensor Vinculi (Latin: Defender of the Bond; Catholic law)
DVDiscordant Veins
DVDaily Variation
DVDiversification Value
DVDriver's Viewer
DVDark Vengeance (computer game)
DVDarling Violetta (band)
DVDESQview Script (file name extension)
DVDéchêts Verts (French: Green Waste)
DVDisbursement Voucher
DVDesignated Verification (cryptography)
DVDelivery Verification Certificate
DVDelay Variance
DVDyesthetic Vulvodynia
DVDifferential Voltmeter
DVDisparity Vector
DVDirect Viewfinder (camera technology)
DVDevota Virgo (Latin: Devout Virgin, epigraphy)
DVDecoy Vehicle
DVDevotus Vir (Latin: Devout Man, epigraphy)
DVDarbellay-Vajda (algorithm)
DVDiis Volentibus (Latin: If the Gods Want, epigraphy)
DVDonec Vixit (Latin: Until He/She Lived, epigraphy)
DVDisident Voice (radical newsletter)
DVDeus Volent (Latin; God Willing)
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At the top level, customers who transfer QR 2,001- 4,000 will get 4GB of free data, while customers who send QR 4,001 or more internationally can enjoy 6GB of data valid for five days.
Disadvantage of this system is the fact that it is not possible to get data valid in the future before the executing the Job, because the new values are not directly available.
The telco is offering 25Mb of data valid for 24 hours for a fee of
Using advanced frequency detecting circuitry, these devices are able to provide valid data during more than 60 percent of every clock cycle with a data valid window from 2.
Are utilization data valid and reliable according to usual statistical standards?
tDV data valid window; time window per output byte when data is valid to read
In load pull and noise measurements the setup core (probes, tuners and bias tees) must remain fixed when changing test frequency ranges in order to keep calibration data valid.
From February 29-March 31, those who will download and sign up for the SM Supermalls Mobile app will get a chance to win 350mb of internet, Spotify Basic, Facebook, YouTube and Games valid for 3 days for Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers; unli text to all networks, unli call to Smart, Sun, TNT and 50mb data valid for 3 days for Smart and Talk and Text subscribers; or unli surf for 1 day for Sun subscribers.
Customers who cash-in QR 499-QR 999 will get 750 MB of free data valid for two days, while customers who pay QR 1,000-QR 1,999 into their accounts can enjoy 2GB of data valid for three days.
The telecom provider is also offering 1 GB of free local data valid for one month for its Prepaid customers and 6 GB of free local data, also valid for one month, for its Postpaid customers.
Recharges of RO 1 will give customers 150 MB of mobile data to be used within 10 days, recharges of RO 2 offer an increased allowance of 750 MB, which is valid for 10 days, customers recharging with RO 5 can receive 2 GB of mobile data to be used within 20 days and customers recharging with RO 10 will be eligible to receive 5 GB of mobile data valid for 25 days.