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DWBIData Warehousing and Business Intelligence (software)
DWBIDon't Worry 'bout It
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In short, data warehousing and business intelligence tools can be used to deliver a better product through improved patient care, monitor quality assurance, reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies, and improve financial performance utilizing benchmarked key performance indicators.
Progressive methods in data warehousing and business intelligence; concepts and competitive analytics.
Other properties to be sold include: Financial Planning, a monthly magazine for bankers, brokers, insurance agents and accountants involved in financial planning; DM Review, a monthly magazine covering data warehousing and business intelligence issues; Accounting Today, a news magazine published 24 times a year for the nation's tax and accounting community; Accounting Technology, a monthly magazine covering the convergence of accounting and technology; and, Practical Accountant, a monthly, technical magazine for "growth-minded" local and regional tax and accounting firms.
Cutter Consortium's study on the role of data warehousing and business intelligence practices concluded that 41% of organizations experienced at least one project failure, and only 15% claimed their data warehousing efforts were a major success.
With our years of experience in data warehousing and business intelligence, we realized that in order for organizations to accurately predict demand, they required a solution that provides granularity of detail, scales to handle multi-terabyte databases and enables real-time updates to demand plans -- thus the data warehouse is the most logical foundation to establish a common demand planning process."
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for E-commerce, by Alan R.
"SAS/Access to PeopleSoft is a logical extension of this capability and should certainly benefit PeopleSoft users seeking to take advantage of SAS' rich data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities."
IBM DB2 OLAP Server's Web-based deployment of BI analytical applications leverages ShowCase's Enterprise Intelligence Initiative - a comprehensive Web-based solution that extends the ShowCase data warehousing and business intelligence product line.
NCR says the general market for data warehousing and business intelligence is still growing strongly, but that sales are still the subject of long decision cycles.
Hitachi Innovative Solutions Corporation (HISC) is a platform-independent information technology solutions provider offering leading edge project management and engineering expertise to its clients in the area of systems integration, CRM, e-business, enterprise infrastructure, data warehousing and business intelligence. Utilizing key strategic partnerships and its extensive experience, Hitachi Innovative Solutions Corporation designs tailored systems solutions that position its clients for future growth and change.
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