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DECDigital Equipment Corporation
DECDepartment of Environmental Conservation
DECDepartment of Environment and Conservation (NSW, Australia)
DECDivision for Early Childhood (Council for Exceptional Children)
DECDrug Endangered Children (program)
DECDisplay Energy Certificate (UK energy certificate for commercial buildings)
DECDisasters Emergency Committee (UK)
DECDepartamento de Engenharia Civil (Portugese)
DECDiplôme d'Expertise Comptable (French: Diploma of Chartered Accounting)
DECDemocratic Executive Committee (politics; various locations)
DECDivision of Environmental Chemistry (various locations)
DECDivision des Examens et Concours (French: Division of Examinations and Competitions)
DECDevon Energy Corporation (various locations)
DECDiplôme d'Etudes Collégiales (French: College Diploma; Canada)
DECDrug Enforcement Commission (Zambia)
DECDevelopment Education Centre
DECDigital Electronic Control
DECData Entry Clerk
DECDietary Energy Consumption (food security)
DECDépannage Entretien Chauffage (French: Heating Maintenance Troubleshooting)
DECDepartment Executive Committee (various organizations)
DECDistrict Export Council
DECDépartement d'Etudes Cognitives (French: Department of Cognitive Studies)
DECDisability Empowerment Center (various locations)
DECDeveloppement Economique Canada (French: Canada Economic Development)
DECDisaster Emergency Communications
DECDurban Exhibition Centre (South Africa)
DECDigital Entertainment Center (various companies)
DECDirectory Experts Conference
DECDigital Electronic Computer
DECDouble Error Correction
DECDigital Ethernet Personal Computer
DECDigital Entertainment Center
DECDecoding Circuit
DECData Exchange Center
DECDiethyl Carbonate
DECDeclarations Page (insurance)
DECDiagnostic Expertise Conseil (French: Diagnostic Expertise Consulting)
DECDiversified Energy Corporation
DECDiplôme d'Etudes Chorégraphiques (French: Diploma of Choreography Studies)
DECDelaware Electric Cooperative
DECDigital Engine Control
DECDevice Clear
DECDistrict Environmental Commission (Vermont)
DECDistance Education Center
DECDirect Energy Conversion
DECDiabetes Education Center
DECDecatur, GA, USA (airport code)
DECDépôts Électrolytiques et Chimiques (French metal processing company)
DECDepartment of Environmental Control
DECDevelopment Experience Clearinghouse (USAID)
DECDrug Evaluation Committee
DECDévéloppement Économique Canada pour les Régions du Québec (French)
DECDireccion de Estadistica y Censo (Spanish)
DECDoctor of Economics
DECDaily Effective Circulation (advertising)
DECDeratting Exemption Certificate (shipping)
DECDEME Environmental Contractors
DECDistributed Education Center
DECDevelopmental Evaluation Clinic
DECDictionnaire Explicatif et Combinatoire (French: Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary)
DECDepartment of the Environment and Conservation
DECDirector's Executive Council
DECDiplôme d'Etudes Complémentaires (French: Complementary Diploma; Belgium)
DECDecatur, IL, USA - Decatur Municiple Airport (Airport Code)
DECDigital Effects Control (photography, used in digital cameras color settings)
DECData Evolution Corporation (New Orleans, LA and Ontario, Canada)
DECDevelopment and Education Committee
DECDesign, Engineering and Computing
DECDouglas Electric Cooperative
DECDiamond Entertainment Corporation (video company)
DECDefence Equipment Capability
DECDrug Education Coordinator
DECDream Exotics Cars (French car club)
DECDeductible Employee Contribution (US IRS)
DECDrug Evaluation in Children
DECDisease Endemic Country
DECDigital Extended Command
DECDefence Estates Committee
DECDiamond Edge Communications
DECDépartement d'Etudes des Combustibles (French: Department of Fuel Studies; Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives)
DECDingwall Evangelical Church (UK)
DECDepartment of Environmental Conventions
DECDOE Environmental Checklist
DECDisposable Enterics Card
DECDesign Error Check
DECData Equivalence Class
DECDelta Executive Controller
DECDispersion Equalization Card
DECDownhill Etc Crew (bike jumping group)
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Ministerial Resolution Concerning Data Entry Clerks (Resolution No.
Clinicians as data entry clerks are not operating at the top of their licenses, and we need everyone to contribute at the top of their licenses.
The jobs, which covered a number of specialisations including production line employees, accountants, cashiers, engineers, exhibition managers, salesmen and saleswomen, data entry clerks, technical support staff, customer service officials, operations analysts, health supervisors, personnel affairs specialist, marketing employees, mechanics, receptionists, security guards, drivers, electricians and welders, offered salaries ranging from SR4,000 ($1,066) to SR10,000, it said.
ROI(%) (Benefit-Cost/Cost) x 100 Let's consider the impact of training on data entry clerks
It will hire pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, customer service representatives and data entry clerks.
According to The Star, paper records were strewn throughout the building, and data entry clerks made mistakes.
A small team of trained data entry clerks digitizes the data, which are then compiled using software such as the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.
mail, is sorted, and then data entry clerks enter the data into the IRS system.
The home and office water cooler provider has recently appointed two sales executives, five data entry clerks, two customer service advisors and one retention's clerk.
Positions currently available for office managers, secretaries, administrators, accounts personnel, data entry clerks and call centre staff
Work orders no longer need to be hand-written by technicians and typed in by data entry clerks in the main office.
The organization's 20-year-old mainframe system did not retain past years' cost and year-of-acquisition data, so clerks had to re-enter information each year for $45 billion in property, a task that took 50 full-time data entry clerks uP to 14 weeks.
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