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DMODData Modeling
DMODDynamic Address Module
DMODDigital Media on Demand (Boston, MA)
DMODDynamic Module (Microsoft)
DMODDink Smallwood Module
DMODDistributed Management of Data Laboratory (University of Ioannina; Ioannina, Greece)
DMODDrunken Masters of Doener (gaming clan)
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However, 3-D abstractions are perhaps even more utilitarian because they can abet conventional data modeling by providing visibility into intricate data elements that are otherwise difficult to visualize.
Customers provide the input for data modeling; and without that input, a data model is just ungrounded babbling.
VODAK provides new application specific data modeling features along with the standard features of object oriented data models.
Data modeling for biological data needs flexibility, dynamism, and power of expression due to its complex structures, substructures, huge amount of data types, and irregular and hierarchical relationships between different classes of biological species described by Ghalayini et al., (2006); Macedo and Porto (2007); Mesiti (2009); Tenazinha (2011); Graves (2012).
In the following chapter, I present a methodology which integrates the mentioned concepts of object-oriented data modeling to improve and simplify the overlay processes.
Advanced standard SQL dynamic structured data modeling and hierarchical processing.
The book uses a holistic approach to the field of data architecture by covering the various applied areas of data, including data modeling and data model management, data quality , data governance, enterprise information management, database design, data warehousing, and warehouse design.
This guide for professionals and graduate students presents data modeling patterns and advanced techniques in building database systems and data models.
In the traditional data modeling approach, before a relation logical scheme of database, comes a conceptual scheme or a conceptual specification which represents the result of conceptual modeling (Vuk, 2007).
recently released the latest version of ER/Studio, its flagship data modeling tool.
Historical or multi-year analysis offers data modeling opportunities to discern market trends and helps marketers plan marketing campaigns using current and past behavioral analysis.