DATAGRIDResearch and Technological Development for an International Data Grid
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Section VI containing Task 4 with no subtask set out to explore the datagrid's usability.
Now that we have retrieved all the records in the Products table, we simply bind the "products" variable to DataSource property of the datagrid and we are done.
IBM, White Plains, N.Y., has agreed to collaborate with the European Organization for Nuclear Research's (CERN), Geneva, Switzerland, openlab for a DataGrid project.
The objective of the DataGrid programme is to develop and demonstrate an IT architecture that is geographically distributed throughout Europe via high-rate data transmission links.DataGrid will build on emerging Grid technologies, using open source code to create a new worldwide data and computational Grid on a scale not previously attempted, a "World Wide Grid".
The team, which has just received a pounds 6.2million grant from the European Union, says the Supernet - also known as the Datagrid - will mean a much faster distribution of vast quantities of data.
A user can select multiple records in the result dataset (Datagrid) and apply the Generate Script As option for them.
did get Spark versions, components such as the Image component, the DataGrid component, and Forms.
[17.] The DataGrid Project, URL:
Beaverton, OR, March 31, 2011 --( VIBlend, a leading vendor of user interface components for .NET, announced the release of 4 new controls for WPF, including ListBox, ComboBox, Pivot-Design Panel and DataGrid Grouping panel.
Each Visual Studio project generated by FmPro Migrator Developer Edition utilizes the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 .Net technologies including: WPF XAML (Windows Presentation Foundation), C# 4, Visual Basic 2010, ADO.NET Entity Framework and WPF .Net 4 DataGrid controls.
"In this release we introduced 12 new controls, including Tab Control, and further improved the performance of our DataGrid. We implemented also new features like the scrolling animation, clipboard and localization support and added 2 new Themes.