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D/CDate Code
D/CDirect Current (electricity; also seen as DC)
D/CDischarge (from a hospital, medical care, etc)
D/CDouble Cab
D/CDownconverter (US DoD)
D/CData Code
D/CDocumentary Credit
D/CDeck Cadet (maritime)
D/CDelivery Clause
D/CDiscipleship Confirmation (religion)
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By combining machine learning and artificial intelligence, AprilEye transforms traditional date code verification processes, which relies on operators to check the date code is printed correctly.
It said: "As a precautionary measure Waitrose are recalling the above products with the above date codes as a limited number of packs have been produced with an incorrect date code printed on the label.
April Eye technology automates reading and verification of date codes to prevent errors because of human intervention that could lead to product recalls and emergency product withdrawals.
A safety notice on its website said: "If you bought or possess a Lego Batman Movie Prestige Costume with date code 2606EF01, please do not wear it.
Swings with a date code stamp that points to 10, 11, 12 or 13 on the molded inner arrow were also included in the recall.
Recalled model numbers and date codes can be found at http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2014/Gree-Reannounces-Dehumidifier-Recall/
Not only do we have a date code, we also have the initials of the painter who decorated the plate, Marie-Jeanne Barbe Bunel, who worked for the factory between 1778 and 1816 and is known for painting these small flowers as well as flower bouquets.
"It was always a focus in the company to make sure the products on the shelf are in date code and fresh and safe for customers.
AutoCoding Systems, specialists in automation of packaging line devices, has worked in consultation with a major retailer to help them implement guidelines to ensure all products supplied to them always have the right packaging, the right label and the right date code.
Using Cognex[R] high resolution vision technology, the system also reads the mark for verification of the printed data including lot and date code verification, print inspection, data matrix code inspection and identification, label alignment, text verification and barcode identification, etc.
A second filter of the same date code was found to have loose debris in the filtered side of the filter element, and the element (itself) was bonded only on one end.