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DLUDynamic Local User
DLUData Link Unit
DLUDependent Logical Unit
DLUDigital Unit
DLUDigital Light Unit
DLUDate Limite d'Utilisation (French: Expiration Date)
DLUDossier de Liaison d'Urgence (French: Liaison Emergency File)
DLUDigital Line Unit
DLUDependent Logical Unit (IBM)
DLUDirections Locales Unifiées (French union directorate)
DLUData Logging Unit
DLUDestination Logical Unit
DLUDirty Little Helper Update File
DLUAir Comet Chile (ICAO Airline Code)
DLUDischarge Line Unload (truck compressors)
DLUDate Last Updated (various organizations)
DLUDownload Unit
DLUDual Laser Unit
DLUData Loader Unit
DLUDynamic Logical Unit (Cisco)
DLUData Layout Utility
DLUDevice License Unit (Cisco)
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