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The names on the wall aren't alphabetized but instead are arranged chronologically by date of loss. Volunteer educators will be on site at all times to help visitors find certain names.
In response to the subpoena, he reviewed documents in a file seized from LIIC regarding a particular date of loss, a named person and a claim number.
The 2013 letter established that Nilan knew that Mattson's client was the Buskey family and knew the date of loss, which sufficed to put the American Legion on Inquiry notice.
Question: As part of a loss settlement, covered damage to a building is reported in excess of 180 days from the date of loss (but within two years).
For example, the facts of an automobile claim probably won't change much over time, yet it remains important to both the defense of a claim and aiding a successful recovery to obtain scene photos and witness statements close to the date of loss. In most auto claims a police report will preserve the loss facts, while in property losses when the evidence is discarded, provable facts and fault are lost.
Insurance policies typically define the period of indemnity as beginning on the date of loss and extending through the period during which the property can be repaired, rebuilt or replaced, with reasonable speed, to the condition that existed prior to the loss (or, alternatively, the date business is resumed at a new location).
As part of the Credit Shield cover on our Credit Card, customers are offered complementary protection against Involuntary Job Loss provided a written notice is submitted to Insurance Provider within 30 days from the date of loss of employment.
The association can forgo performing repairs, file suit, and a jury's verdict can retroactively set liquidated damages as of a chosen date of loss years prior to the Complaint ever being filed.
Homeowners policies usually base the vessel's "actual cash value" on the market value of the vessel on the date of loss. But because the value of many vessels dropped over the past few years due to the economy, ACV will not completely cover the loss.
Immediate benefits of such a new game-plan for coffee would be solid footing for any holder/owner with a quantified amount of protection (being local spot or futures price at time and date of loss, as applicable).
the actual cash value or the prevailing market value of the property in the same condition, at the same place on the date of loss or in some cases the new replacement value less depreciation.